The Racism Poem by Laura arwen

The Racism

Rating: 3.7

The racism erases
the beautiful memories
and it believes
in the perfect
The racism is
a too big
and horrible problem
It is a
wrong and impure
The racism is
a bad and
public thought
The racism is
played by the
poors of reasons
The racism doesn't
live in the
jungle but it
lives in the
modern society
I'm against the
The racists are
cursed because they
are false
For me the
racism resides in
the hate
For the innocents
the racism is
lost war
For me the
racism doesn't exist
in a citizen
For me the
racism is a
terrible suffering
It can't stand
the harmony and
the heart of
a bay
It survives in
the evident darkness
The racism hates
the comfortable and
hospitable villa
The racism serves
the big Evil
It doesn't use
the magic
It wants to
destroy the balance
between the people
For the angels
the racism is
a shame and
a bright lie

Hannington Mumo 23 October 2020

An emboldening piece on modern world cheapest dogma - racism and its attendant ills - a memorably fine exemplar theme-perfect art all perfectly expressed...kudos, Laura!

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Dodo-bird 15 November 2019

I really liked this poem

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Dr Antony Theodore 16 November 2018

The racism is a too big and horrible problem It is a wrong and impure mistake.....Racism is direct evil born out of weird thinking and ego............ when will this earth be free from such thoughts........? ? ? thank u dear poetess for writing about it.

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Edward Kofi Louis 22 November 2016

True love is better than Racism! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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