Planet Of Girls Poem by Ebi Robert

Planet Of Girls

Rating: 4.5

My eyes are caught in a wilderness of faith.
The stones are nowhere to be found.
In this place,
there is a division in the ground.
The rocks give the roots of sat-flowers
in a beautiful place of hope.

The saffron flowers, shines with the stone
while insects eat of their roots.
The broken rocks speak to the pink forest
as the white flowers feed the purple
walls of the mountains.

The crocus, dances to the song of the breeze
and the fresh air from the forest dim
kills the expiring days
and butterflies walk on the lemon-grass.

A lioness roars to the rings of light in this
Planet of girls.
It is as pretty as a paradise.
But none can live there.
We have the snows turning white
and the milky street running with strawberry juice
from the green field of Canaan.

It is beautiful, it is wonderful
but Ruth can't live there.
I've seen Eden, I've seen there
I've been there and lived here,
If Ruth will be just a girl
send her to the planet of girls.

Initially I never put down an author note for this poem but after much scrutiny I decided to. This poem is about a girl named Ruth. She is my friend. One day I decided to visit her as a friend only to be scolded by her father and told not to visit her again.And when i asked the reason why, he told me I shouldn't because am a male. so i was moved to write this poem. describing a planet of girls with much beauty but one can't leave there because every female need a male as a friend. we are made for one another. For God is not a fool.
Bolah Lawal 17 July 2012

Great piece. Nice sequence in the flow of rhymes and a beautiful discription of the poet's mind.

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Faith Pfumbidza 17 July 2012

i liked the use of visual imagery.great poem indeed

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Ransome Adejugbe 09 July 2015

Nice poetry

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Iniduo Iniduo 27 July 2012

This is a poem that somehow evokes a paradise lost atmosphere to me. Turning down on plurals (stones, rocks, roots, flowers, insects, mountains, butterflies) would perhaps provide the poem a more individual, small scale character. Nevertheless, very well done, I really liked to read it.

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Kevin Halls 18 July 2012

A very colourful and descriptive poem.I admit though to being a little confused at times, mixing plant and planet up. Yet it does conjure up a beautiful tranquil paradise, so in that respect the poem does it's work. Well done Ebi..

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Oludipe Oyin Samuel 17 July 2012

Fantastic imagery. A brilliant rhyme and apt diction. It's a v.much beautiful piece

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Karen Sinclair 17 July 2012

Hello Ebi you write with such passion and are obviously a true poet adoring words and appreciating every little thing you see, micro studying all...You have a maturity in your writing which is quite amazing considering your age... a natural born poet (to me) I wonder if(butterflies walks) needs the (s) on walks. and the only thing which confused me a tad was the plant or planet or both...just my not understanding... Great peice of abstract writing which lays some visuals and to me suggested the enjoyment in youth at seeing so many pretty (flowers) just watching yet maybe not feeling brave enough or ready to make a first step...tyvm karen

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Ebi Robert

Ebi Robert

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