Poverty - The Poverty In Canada's Midst Poem by Deanna Samuels

Poverty - The Poverty In Canada's Midst

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My eyes were opened wide today
Today in 2020
A country as as rich as we
To have so many living in poverty
Today was our special day to give charity
Collected a small wad of dollars in notes of twenties
Drove to Oshawa's down town Memorial Park
A park and space memorializing past townsfolk of valor
A bandstand for local people to enjoy summer music
Heard we may find a few in special need

It was a shock
Over a hundred homeless folk
Laden down with all their load
Nowhere else to go
Gathering together to meet and talk
Telling of their misfortunes
Of their lives turned upside down
Who knows because of what
Have they kept their dignity
Some have, maybe some have not
But no one seems to give a damn

There they were
A few possessions rolled up into a ragged ball
Their tattered clothing says it all
Our notes were handed to a number of these poor lost souls
Their faces lit up with such happy thanks
Glad to be wishing them a better Thanksgiving
Almost driving away, one street lady came by
‘I'm so poor' she said with sadness
Another twenty dollar bill quickly pulled from pocket
Her smile of gratitude said it all

Riding home, I asked myself
Have I been so blind as not to see this inequality
Living in my own safe space
A roof above and food to go on table

The question is however - How could Oshawa
How could all the other towns and cities of the Nation
How could Canada allow such deprivation to happen
Our country, so richly endowed, cannot look after its own
Its own deprived people for whatever the circumstance
Yet, money is blown away for causes of no heed, of no need
Sent overseas where often seized by corrupt officials
Is it not time that we do what we must
To ensure the good welfare of each and every Canadian citizen
Surely it is time that charity finally begins at home

Written in Oshawa and Courtice, Ontario - 10th October 2020

Saturday, October 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: poverty
Chan Mongol 10 October 2020

A well constructed poem based on the reality and a burning question in Canada. I am a concerned Canadian citizen. I hate to see Canada as like as a third world country. Well written. Thumb up for highlighting the truth.

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Kostas Lagos 10 October 2020

It is a nightmare and not only in Canada... powerful poem

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Deanna Samuels

Deanna Samuels

London, England
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