Power Of The Mission Poem by Gregory PierreJerome

Power Of The Mission

Introduction to the Almighty

Alpha and Omega, glory and praise all worthy

The second coming, the restoration, the last ultimate jubilee

Is the world ready, are the churches scorching?

Fallen angels, light into darkness, battle array of Christianity

The rocks crying, the earth weeping as the seas are mourning

Children dying, the dust is deceiving and the rain being bloody

We are now marching and railing surrounding the forces into reality

Gospel preaching, people ignoring the God of gods, diseases growing

World War 3 nuclear bombing, new world ordering of anarchy

Dragons blazing into the vital wrath boiling

Volcanoes of blood, the flood of flames bursting

Media triple six, self righteousness commercializing

The antichrist is here, the famine is there, the horses raving

The strange and supernatural is now on eye

The dimensions of the demons is in lie

The wall is fallen like Jericho and prophecy is being fulfilled

Vulture ranting, the lion’s den is disturbed, storm singing

Rose thorns bleeding gold being the foundation of the new city

Israel free from bondage, a new light shining

Holy Spirit dancing, the saints in orchestra, God the vocalist

Jerusalem, the golden city, temple rebuilt

Christ reigns, Yeshua the LORD OF HOST, all in joy, huge victory

The Gospel prevailed, the number defeated, angels at peace

Children of the Creator at ease of life, death in oblivion

Fatal battle destroying sin since Calvary, elevation of the scriptures, pain is slain

Christ Jesus, JEHOVAH, has all restored, heavenly life of sin free beautiful immortality

R E 11 June 2010

For goodness sake, Enough with the thoughts of 'war'! A dose of Sartre has infinitely more to offer than such propaganda. If God loves Justice because it is Right, then Rightness of Justice is prior to God's loving it. God is not the source of the Rightness of Justice but rather commands it, because it is already Right. God is therefore not necessary for moral order in the universe.

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This poem accounts for the book of Revelations. We ARE at war. Jehovah, the provider of all, Prophecy shall be fulfilled. To the glory of the Father victory will be ours through Christ Jesus. The restoration of Davids fallen tabernacle complete. Amen. Brilliant write.....continue...

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