Ramona Thompson

Power Rangers Wax Music - Poem by Ramona Thompson

4 wax figures
Brought to life
To protect the earth from evil forces
They will be given the status of heros
The power from within to defend
Known from this moment forward as....
Power Rangers Wax Magic


Go go Power Rangers
Go go Power Rangers
Power Rangers Wax Magic
Let the force of goodness flow through you
Bring you alive
To hear our call
Go, go Power Rangers
Go, go Power Rangers
Power Rangers Wax Magic
Depending on you tonight

Each one gifted with weapons and a force from beyond the stars
They are something no normal man can understand
Once just wax and make-up
Now they are the choosen ones
The flesh we all must depend upon to save us
Get ready for the world's newest line
Power Rangers Wax Magic


Behind the sillest of eyes
They are watching over us all
Always ready to answer the call
And take the fall
Live waxen heros
That no one can beat
Power Rangers Wax Magic know no defeat


Hidden deep inside a museum of lovely artworks
There is hidden the secret of their power
Led by the the myterious Doe Devain
They will fight together as one
A supernatural force for good
On our side forever more
Power Rangers Wax Magic will not let evil score


© 2006 RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)

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Poem Submitted: Friday, October 13, 2006

Poem Edited: Saturday, October 16, 2010

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