Prayers Poem by Jim Yerman


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My friend sent her friends a message the other day…the message said, "Pray for me! "
because she needed prayers, because prayers can be given wholeheartedly and because all prayers are free

"And while you're praying for me, " she said…(since she is a loving person who cares)
"pray for anyone in the world who may also be in need of prayers".

When people ask for prayers from me…there was a time I felt chagrinned..
until I realized a prayer is just a wish we whisper on the wind.

For I am not religious…I have no God to call my own…
but I have faith when I make a wish for someone…that wish will find a home.

When I close my eyes, take a deep breath and make a wish for you…
it matters not to me which God that wish floats to.

Or if it never finds its way to a God…but travels across the Universe…wide and far…until one day it finds itself adding brightness to a star.

We never know while forming a wish within our mind…when we finally make it…
once we whisper it upon the wind…where the wind will take it.

So I closed my eyes and upon the wind I whispered a wish for my friend…
hoping it will join other wishes..other prayers…and help her troubles mend.

And following her lead I made another wish and then another and another…
I sent out wishes across the world for all my sister and my brothers.

I wished no one would go to bed hungry…I wished for the people of Ukraine…
I wished people would stop banning books…I wished for California to get rain.

I wished we were a kinder, gentler world…where everyone was blessed…
To be treated with acceptance and compassion…where no-one was oppressed.

I wished everyone was accepted…no matter their color, their religion, if they were gay or straight…I wished people would stop using religion as a vehicle for hate.

These and many more wishes, once I opened up my heart were freed.
to hopefully find their way across the world…and to my friend in need.

So if you were like me, when someone asks you to pray for them and you feel a bit chagrined…remember…a prayer is just a wish…we send out on the wind.

Nabakishore Dash 19 September 2022

Excellent poem dear Jim yerman

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