Pretty Woman

Rating: 4.3

I don’t know your name but they call you Fawn,
How that just fits your delicate form.
I saw in your eyes the first time we met,
That you were quite special and not like the rest.

You have physical beauty of that there’s no doubt,
But the beauty within is what makes you stand out.
It shines from your eyes, your smile and your lips,
Your gentle voice and your fingertips.

Your sensuous touch, your grace and your beauty,
Is so well matched to the music of Satie.
You take me to heaven with your tenderness,
Bring tears to my eyes just touching my flesh.

Thank you dear Fawn you make me feel special,
Thank you for Satie and thank you for you.
I’m so glad I’ve known you; you’ve made my life richer,
And I’ll never forget you sweet memories to picture.

I know one day soon that you will be gone,
And hey yes I know life will go on.
But I’ll miss you much more that you’ll ever know,
So kiss me once more before you go.

If I could give one gift as you leave,
All your hopes and dreams you'd receive.
Have a good life what ever you do,
Be happy my sweet, I'll be thinking of you.

Princess Me 06 August 2007

I wonder if someone thinks of me in such way. loving..beautiful Princess

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Marci Made 10 June 2007

What a beautiful poem of so much love and devotion...Really nicely written. Through your poem she sounds like a beautiful woman both inside and out....~~~ thanks. marci. :)

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