Making Love

Rating: 5.0

First there’s the build up the tension inside.
The feelings and longings you just can not hide.
Weeks of waiting and wanting with cold lonely nights.
For the warmth and the closeness that we feel tonight.

An emotional whirlpool stirs from within.
The count down of life is about to begin.
Out of earth’s atmosphere deep into space.
No gravity pull as we float and embrace.

The Planets pass by now we’re in full flight.
This love of ours keeps finding new heights.
All of a sudden we’re out of control.
Our Space ship stalls and goes into a roll.

Falling from heaven past planets and stars.
Falling past Venus, Pluto and Mars.
On the edge of oblivion holding you tight.
Everywhere blackness with sharp flecks of light.

Crashing through space with nothing above.
We want to scream out and tell of our love.
Then stillness descends and we drift on warm seas.
So tranquil and calm, just you and me.

Entwined together in afterglow.
The seeds are sown and the world turns slow.
This total ecstasy I’ve never known.
Is shared with you and you alone.

An expression of love from so deep in my heart.
If life could be different we’d never part.
Then back down to earth and reality reigns.
But I’ll count down the days till I see you again

Malini Kadir 04 April 2008

Straight title and straight to heavens in a floating ninth cloud!

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Dwayne Bailey 15 November 2007

beauriful poem a perfect 10. Thanks for shareing

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Princess Me 29 July 2007

Absolutely beautiful...passionate, endearing...isn't this a great feeling? I loved it! Love your writing David. Keep it up. Look forward to reading more.; -) Princess

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