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I am not in love,
But I am drawn to you,
Like a Moth to a candle flame.

I am not in love,
But I am craving for,
The taste of your lips on mine.

I am not in love,
But I am wanting you,

In my arms, bodies entwined.
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Angela Norris 21 July 2007

I love the simplicity of your words David They are plain and simple yet are coupled with a passion the lady would understand. She would understand because I'm sure she feels the same way about you. You are both fortunate people and whatever you feel towards one another, be it friendship or tenderness, just wallow in your newly found happiness... Angela Norris

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Krystal Galvis 20 July 2007

i like ur poem. Good work! From, Colombia Galvis

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DEAD PLEASURES 17 November 2007

BRAVO! BRAVO! Fabulous!

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Janice M Pickett 17 October 2007

Now that's what I call an honset man. hehehehe Say it as it is and get an honest response. Another gem from you.

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Chris Mendros 15 October 2007

'...Like a Moth to a candle flame...' says so much, but worth reading on. This one, too, personalizes a something that can be applied to almost anything one feels inexplicably drawn to. Nice work.

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Alison Cassidy 21 September 2007

This is very sweet, nicely structured and without pretension. Addicted is a perfect title. love, Allie xxxx

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David Harris 07 August 2007

David, simple lines, but great story within each. Top marks and thanks for sharing them my friend. David

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