Proud To Speak English

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I left the Mother Land when I turned ten
With the curiosity of a child my age
To this new country I came
To play and learn her ways
Not a word of English in those days.

I sat for days and weeks at my desk listening
To the teacher speak, words that made no sense.
In class there were only two that spoke like me.
My favorite time was Art, for then I could express
Those talents just as certain as the rest

Each day I sat and wonder what was said
A pretty teacher would come each day
and she'd take me away.
We'd read fun books with new sounding words.

Withing three months one day I realized
I could understand what was being said
I light went on... to my delight, Alas! ... I felt alive!
How happy and surprised to finally realize
I was no longer in darkness but had embraced the light.

That summer time, with confidence in view
as knowledge of this language within me grew and grew.

Junior high came along,
Sitting in math class
with my new confidence
and when the teacher tried, but my name miss pronounced
a girl behind me yelled,
'She doesn't speak English! '...
to which I quickly, in deep pride replied,
'YES, I DO! '

Luz Hanaii
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
Edward Kofi Louis 08 December 2019
Great! ! Growing up in a New Land. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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Luz Hanaii 09 December 2019
Edward, thank you for commenting.
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Mahtab Bangalee 01 December 2019
it's interesting too but I'm not proud to speak.........................(any language) there is no pride, no class, no aristocracy, no civilization, no wisdom in speaking, writing, reading goodly in any language if I'm not the righteous person for the world peaceful humanity harmonically ///
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Luz Hanaii 04 December 2019
Thank you for commenting.
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Jane Campion 04 June 2019
A great poem. So interesting to see how you progressed. Well done.
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Luz Hanaii 04 June 2019
Thank you Jane, for your comment.
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Luz Hanaii 20 May 2019
Elena, Thank you for your lovely comment. Glad you can relate.
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Elena Sandu 20 May 2019
I can imagine your proud smile proving you can speak English in such a short time. " I was no longer in darkness but had embraced the light." Very well spoken truth, thank you for share, I can relate to this lovely poem, thank you!
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Savita Tyagi 13 April 2019
From learning English to writing have done superb....I could relate to it little bit. hough I knew English but learning the English of much effort was required for it. Now my children born and raised here some time remark in you have excellent vocabulary.....a touch of pride I see in their eyes. thanks for sharing Luz and thanks for reading my poem.
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Luz Hanaii 20 May 2019
Savita, how did I miss thanking you? forgive my oversight. Thank you so much for your nice revealing comment. I'm glad we learned enough to be here sharing our poems. Blessings!
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Sylvia Frances Chan 28 March 2019
Excellently worded, dear Luz. My two thumbs up for you, dear poetess. Most beautiful is the concluding line: " YES, I DO! " ...........A 10+++++++++++++++++++++for the Vote. God's Blessings be perpetually upon you. Very impressive poem. Thank you for sharing.
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Luz Hanaii 13 April 2019
Thanks my dear Sylvia.
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Bri Edwards 12 October 2018
p.s. what is your Mother Land's name, i wonder. i think some people have a Father Land. i'm not sure if one is better than the other. i am very poor at learning languages. i've worked some, since retiring, with literacy 'students', but i was not a great teacher and my students were not very serious about learning, especially two young boys. one would rather play games, and the other was, i think, embarrassed at his inability. : ( bri :)
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Luz Hanaii 14 October 2018
Mother Land, was Mexico. I could have said Father Land, but for softer poetic sound chose Mother.
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Bri Edwards 12 October 2018
(cont.) this is a delightful poem and inspirational story. maybe it could be improved a little bit with another proofreading? favorite lines: My favorite time was Art, for then I could express Those talents just as certain as the rest language is both a boon and a barrier to human understanding. to MyPoemList. bri :)
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Bri Edwards 12 October 2018
i have not read poem yet, though i read Akhtar's comment and your response to it. i read your bio, after i received a poem comment from you; thanks. i'll respond to you comment eventually. i looked to send a message to you, but does not appear possible, so here is my response to your bio: yes, Life is Life, but i'd be willing to live it WITHOUT pain! ! (cont.)
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Luz Hanaii 14 October 2018
Bri, thank you for commenting. I'd be willing to live without pain too, but it would be like eradicating one color from the palette of life, such as not having the color black or blue. Pain is what makes joy, peace and well being truly appreciated when it comes to our lives.
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