Purple Black And Blue Poem by Sara Tehrani

Purple Black And Blue

Rating: 5.0

Purple, black and blue…
Stains on a life time, and it hurts too.
Some people don’t put up with this
But as soon as you hurt me, you kiss,
And then I forget what a monster you are
Somehow you become my shining star

Coz deep down inside, there lives a sensitive guy,
Who’s hearts full of gold, and wouldn’t hurt me with goodbye.

This is the man I fell in love with
This is the man I want to grow old with
This is the man who loves in the day but hurts me at night
And I am so weak to fall for his charms after we fight.

Purple, black and blue…
Here he comes again to print another 1 on my bones.
And as he touches me I don’t move, I just scream and moan.
And I hate my self for making him mad,
But more so for loving him so bad.

Copyrighted Sara Tehrani 2008

Christopher Flynn 10 July 2009

This poem to me shows the power of love to look past misery. A very personal look at an all too common path. Excellent poem.10+

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Sneha 'The Poetess' 29 May 2009

ohh dear sara....i do hope this isnt self-poetry.......its lovely....it shows the hurt and pain clearly to all who reads....writing happy poems cud be the chane u want......love the poem... :)

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I hope this is'nt really happening But it's a great wright 10++++++

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