Pyrrhic Victory Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Pyrrhic Victory

Join hands to salute our comrades
They gave their lives for our mother,
Our brothers have vanished from only life
They have a place in our hearts
They remain alive in our memories;
Do not forget our sisters and their children
Our brothers have entrusted us with a duty,
We are all short sighted
Preoccupied with our daily trifles,
Life flashes by like a locomotive
We live after them to fulfill their remaining duties;
Our mother is never indebted to children
Though we are to our brothers,
They had their dreams and hopes
The world always left them an option,
Some brothers deceive death
Though they remain half alive as souvenirs of war,
They guard our territory from invasion by alien forces
They gave their lives for our country
As they died at the hands of blind Cain,
In the alien shore Cain is but Abel
While Cain is back here;
This game of chess is futile (epitome of Pyrrhic victory)
For you and me the world is the home;
The English lit the communal pyre
Long back the devil came as the serpent,
War became inevitable
In the end duty became supreme and blind
Every war is a pyrrhic victory;
My brother’s pyre is alight now
The knowledge remains a secret within me
My emotions attempt to rip open the doors of secrecy
Alas fate is mightier
My brother’s last desire has to be fulfilled
Let the world remain blind my brother
Your soul shall rest
Though I know no respite in this life mindless spate
I keep hiding my feelings
Signs of an impending doom are already brewing in the sky
Though the clouds are dark, the sun still remains
I separate from the world as the flames are alive now
I brood in solitude, without a soul to share my sorrow
Duty bids me to remain silent
My promise to you has overpowered me
You and fate have both deserted me.

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