Rebirth Of Radha (Reborn As Meerabhai The Singer, Kamala Das The Poet, -) Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Rebirth Of Radha (Reborn As Meerabhai The Singer, Kamala Das The Poet, -)

Rating: 4.8

Why do I keep loving you, again & again, life after life?
I am trapped in a cycle of birth & death, as a prisoner of just this love
You have made my world a paradise & life a boon of rebirth
Your every touch vibrates the strings of my heart, playing the endless tune of love;

Why do I keep hiding my secrets, again & again, in poem after poem?
I am asleep in a cycle of dreams & reality, where only you are there
You have made my hours colourful & everyday a festival
Your every utterance arouses my creative skill, spreading the secret of divine love;

Why do I keep wandering from shore to shore in life after life?
I am ordained to exist, in a cycle of union & separation, as just your lover
You have made my dreams real & every birth a fantasy
Your every form reflects creations illusory art, illumining the indelible image of love;

Why do I keep imagining your countless names again & again in poem after poem?
I am blessed in a cycle of sleep & awakening, as a poet of just this love
You have made my works mystical & these lines metaphoric
Your every idol is a sketch in my canvas, mixed with colours of timeless love;

Why do you keep mounting Garuda again & again, flying from myth to myth?
I am without wings in a cycle of seasons, where love is evergreen
You have made my every season a harvest & life a paddy field of love
Your every whisper is an unknown tune which lulls me into an eternal sleep of love;

Why do I keep losing count of hours again & again, time after time?
I am without a sundial in a cycle of dawn & dusk, where you are the sun of love
You have made my mind your vrindavana & my heart ebb with your flute music
Your every stare is an emblem of mystery in my dreams, arousing the stranger feeling of love;

Why do I keep remembering you again & again, life after life?
I am an immortal in love in a cycle of days & nights, in just your shade
You have made your world mine & my every desire a flute note
Your every fancy merges as the moon in the sky of dreams, radiant with beacons of my love;

Why do I keep following you again & again, age after age?
I am spellbound by illusions in a cycle of joy & sorrow, where only you are real
Your every name is chanted out of supreme love of devotion
While, I, your Radha, pines to unite with the only reality of love.


Passionate expressions of love....

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Lee Mack 01 March 2011

poetic good -curtains of self -draperies of will What next? And that was good...

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Kannan G 06 March 2011

Great expression of love! Fine flow of thoughts and words! I loved the symbols and images used. May more such songs of Love and Life stream forth from your pen...

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Saju Abraham 09 March 2011

It's a heady mix of religion, mythology and love. You've carried it off with such grandeur and beauty. Great structure and a few memorable imagery. Good to have read this one. A 10 for this.

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G Shyam Sundar 10 March 2011

I read your writings, its very pleasant and fresh as its about radha the great devotee of Lord Krishna.......religious writings are always good to read and so is yours and my marks will not be a justification as its about Lord and his devotee, my ratings will be endless and infinity. I liked very much the way you started and the way you passed through the middle verses and ofcourse the end which is beautiful. I want to know the source from where u got the info that Radha's two subsequent births are meerabhai and kamaladas.....pls mail the source or make a detailed explanation for me about the radha's two births and also i wanted to know about kamaladas, i wanted to know it at any cost. my mail id- with best regards G.Shyam

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Shikha Shah 30 December 2014

Very few poets have the ability tio inspire. You are one of them. Loved the work. :)

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Sankaran Ayya 10 February 2012

Longing for the spiritual union following the way of Radha and Meera.Good poetic expression. -KAVIN CHARALAN

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Ashwin Alex 18 September 2011

really nice way of expressing things that re really abstract! ...somethin to ponder abt lies in yr poem! somethin to cherish! ... loved de lines! good wrk buddy!

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Kesav Easwaran 16 July 2011

The mystic Radha/Krishna theme is only a romantic expansion of the philosophic theme of Jeevatma/Paramatma- the theory of Fractions and the the Whole fact every human being is a Radha yearning to merge in the Super Power of which it forms a part...your deliberations here are nice to have thereby paid a fitting tribute to the celebrated Kamala Das...10

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Philip Jose 14 July 2011

great mood and excellent diction, , , , , keep going bro

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