Before The Light Fades Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Before The Light Fades

Rating: 4.7

Years have dragged
After you left your footprints
On my heart’s barren surface,
The mark of love
Has remained imprinted
Covered by the dust of my idle days;

All my hours have altered
Into a life of verse
As my feelings dance on fickle lines,
Magic of your love in my dreams
Follow me into this world
Each time I play music in my flute;

When I look out
Through the window of times prison
I can only see your shadow
Cast by my memories,
Where do you live today?
When will we meet again?
What spell holds you captive?
Bound by the shackles of life’s spate;

As each day fades, I keep feeling
That I miss you more than ever
When I have just a yesterday
To dream of in a solitary life
While every bird in your garden
Hums the tune of my love for you;

I want to be born again and again
To spend endless days, writing like this
When will I die to be born again
To live this same life of love
Will we ever meet again
Before the light fades
In this life of reborn love.

Cristina Teodor 09 March 2011

Romantic, sad, delicate.Once love comes it stays as a 'mark' 'imprinted' to heart. From that moment something change for all, memories are lived and relived in dreams again and again to keep love alive. 'Each day fades', love grows. Reborning and writing, this love will be keep alive in this life and in the next ones, forever and ever. Always 'before light fades' this magic love will live again, eternally.You proved a real poetical sensitivity..Cristina Teodor

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Joseph Anderson 09 March 2011

''When I look out, through the windows of time's prison'- what a tremendous line-rich imagery- ony 22- you should keep writing-a 10+ Joe

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Elke Seven 09 March 2011

'As my feelings dance on fickle lines'; hard to believe you are only 22. I give this poem a 10.

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Anna Cellmer 10 March 2011

beautifully expressed with charm and strenght thank you for sharing this piece of poetry light the soul

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Bernard Snyder 09 March 2011

Wow! Abhay, this was written with a lot of different emotions involved. It seems. Kinda sad, empty, lost love, yet so very lovable.I've also lost a love once that I sometimes wonder will I ever see again. Very powerful 'piece' here. I gave it a 10, deservingly! Also, thanks for sharing such a lovely poem.

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Abdallah Gamal 13 July 2011

Wo0o0o0o0o0w that's awesome.. A n! ce mean of love.. My regards :)

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Rekha Mandagere 13 July 2011

Beautiful expression of love. Well worded, well framed stanzas are balancing the feeling of love in an unique way. Lovely poem :) Thanks for sharing. I give full 10+ marks for its presentation.

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Hans Vr 13 July 2011

This is a very poetic expression of a deep feeling of love. I especially like the first stanza, it puts the reader straight away in the right mindset for the rest of the poem. Well done!

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Hilton Ball 13 July 2011

i love this poem thank you i hope you read some of mine to thanks for the invit

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Young Church Poetry 05 April 2011

This is a great poem, I felt it in my heart and in my soul. Hope you will meet your love again, beautiful work.

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