A Decree Of Forgotten Times Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

A Decree Of Forgotten Times

Rating: 4.9

And my father told me then
As in this poem I pass to you
‘What you have pursued is your ego’s road’

Had I trailed the path my heart showed
Never would I have struggled
With such lines of rhyme,
But as the learned may recall
There is always a time
To be a poet
Or to follow the passions
In a dream

Read your own book of rules
Had it never been in times scheme
Life has to fade after seasons in the sun,
O world as in life
Remember in death too
What I have won

But is what the world sees
That victory I dreamt of in life
Or is glory in surpassing
The barricade of strife.

And my dreams tell you now
In this secret I reveal
What I have sought
Is a decree of forgotten times

Had I rushed up a retreat
For dollars and dimes
Never would I have found peace
In lines which burn to death
But as men in trance may recall
Poets cannot rhyme life with wealth

To be or not to be like Hamlet
To live a dream in a yonder world
Read of yesterday in times book
Where like chaos, future swirled
Life will burn at deaths tip
Till darkness takes over the ashes

O world as before death too
Will I see in my afterlife these flashes?
And still is what I write in ink
The letters the world gets to see
Or is poetry an image
In a mirror of words I free for decree?

Ramesh Rai 09 July 2012

Poetry an image in a mirror of words. xlent compose

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Ivor Hogg 14 March 2011

Classic closing lines

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Elke Seven 09 March 2011

My favorite lines are contained in the 4th and last paragraph. You are amazing.

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