Worlds Word & Death At Childbirth Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Worlds Word & Death At Childbirth

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You came silently in the dark with a lone lamp
While united we watch the stars in the sky
Beaming back and forth in the world’s eye
Like a mirror reflecting a mirror

These shadows which live on a watery surface
Are memories of that same light which fills the night sky
The same wind stirs the silence of trees as crickets chirp
Here and there where comrade lived on yonder shore

While silhouettes fade as the world sleeps in the darkness of time
A boatman waits to take you and me across the stream of death
To the other bank of life where the garb is shed
You and the self will fade on that yonder shore

Let these words take birth in the world of verse
As poets and men keeping reading them on yonder shore
Never again will we be strangers there
In that world in the womb of a dead world.

Sharron Stephenson 17 September 2011

a heart felt and sad poem some of it i understand so i know how you feel

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Abdallah Gamal 17 September 2011

Wow! fabulous beautifully written. U drew a pic. full of different colors and amazing imaginations. Beautiful poem 10+++++

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Dave Walker 17 September 2011

It is a strange title, but i think i can see What your saying, you've put it across Very well in the poem. May i invite you To read my poem called, boy to a man.

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Vipins Puthooran 17 September 2011

Written well.a vivid imaginary magnanimous write.

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Chanda Mwenechanya 23 September 2011

thanks for sharing, its a nice wondering thought.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 21 September 2011

its dramatic representation creates a sense of solitude and if the root of entering the future is not clear to anybody, sense of death become obvious end of the story-telling. so, ultimately you have touched that oft-told catastrophe. after all you have tried to illustrate a shore beside infinity...carry on... Regards, Pranab

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Claudia Moline 18 September 2011

Thanks for inviting me to read your poem, which I liked very much. Images are rich and the subject is moving. Poets talking to us through time and after death is something worth writing about, specially when well done. Though your poem was totally different it reminded me of Brooke's Great Lover. I shall keep on reading you.

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Unwritten Soul 17 September 2011

Abhay, the surrounding was creatively created...It's dark and give a good feeling to feel.. Honestly i read twice to get whole idea and understand the meaning beneath the poem and i enjoyed :) Thanks for inviting :) _Unwritten Soul

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Stefanie Fontker 17 September 2011

An interesting piece of poetry. this is very vivid, and holds a lot of detail. Thank you for the invitation.

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