Questions Poem by Paul Hansford


Rating: 5.0

Why does a cow say moo, Daddy?
How many leaves has a tree?
Why am I smaller than you, Daddy?
How does food turn into me?

Why is an elephant big, Daddy?
And why is an ant so small?
Why can't a cat be a pig, Daddy?
Can't you answer my questions at all?

How do puddles see their reflection, Daddy?
Have unicorns ever been?
And, not that there's any connection, Daddy,
Why is a tangerine?

I've puzzled as hard as I can, Daddy,
But why can't I go to the moon?
Will I know it all when I'm a man, Daddy?
Will I be grown up soon?

I know that the sky can be red, Daddy,
So why can't the sun be green?
And the thoughts that go round in my head, Daddy,
How do I know what they mean?

Where does yesterday go, Daddy?
I don't mean to ask out of turn,
But with so many things I don't know, Daddy,
How else can a little boy learn?

Barbara Villabol 26 December 2008

I read between these lines that you have deeply loved a've been a good fathere.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 23 December 2008

that was a very interesting poem- made me realy inquisitive about what the next question from the child would be-thanks for sharing-10

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Tsira Goge 04 December 2008

Hello Paul, Good poems... Why? Whence? When? Eternal questions from all children...10... Best wishes, Tsira

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Katherine Sessor 21 May 2008

This is the cutest thing i've ever read. It just puts a smile on my face when i read it. Children asks lots of questions that have no real answer. Even though a kid may ask this, it makes you wonder why aswell. Our answers to the questions usually is 'because it just is' or something really scientific (i think that's the word i'm looking for) , but in reality, we ourselves wonder the same thing. Great poem! Kat =)

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Susan Jarvis 02 October 2009

This is a magnificently crafted poem that sings along with all the fun, joviality and familiarity of a much loved nursery rhyme, yet the questions capture the magical workings of the child's mind so perfectly, adults will be enthralled! 'Why is a tangerine? ' is just perfect!

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george george 21 September 2009

What I like best about this piece is that it would be equally appropriate in a collection for adults as in a child's book of poems. Just for different reasons! Your ability to reflect the two perspectives in one piece is unique and admirable. I love it!

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Sonya Florentino 30 August 2009

why, why, why, why! and we never have the answers, do we? :)

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unique and spellbinding piece.......

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Mamta Agarwal 29 December 2008

A child's sense of wonder and curiosity- well captured in this geart touching poem. all of us relate to this wonderful poem10 Mamta

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