Quitting Smoking Poem by Ray Hansell

Quitting Smoking

I feel a little desperate
A smoke is what I seek
It's been three days
I'm starting to feel weak

I'm trying to kick the habit
But I'm not doing to well
As I frantically search the house
That's becoming my own hell

Just one drag is all I ask
That will help me through
If I don't find a cigarette
I don't know what I'll do

I want to quit smoking
I know that I could
But the way I'm feeling
I don't know if I should

Starting was so easy
But stopping is such a task
I only hope I can hold out
So my resistance will last

I'd love nothing better
Then to be cigarette free
I also know the benifits
All the good it would do for me


Akhtar Jawad 13 June 2018

A nice topic to write a nice poem.

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Kim Barney 21 February 2015

You wrote this poem years ago. I hope that you have kicked the habit by now. Best of luck to you.

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Robin Machorro 06 June 2010

well i hope everything goes good for youu i really liked this poem

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Sandra J. 06 June 2010

Stay strong Ray, no one needs to die of lung cancer, or kill a loved one by second hand smoke, Lord knows how much pain this could cause you in the long run....Stay strong Ray, strength is what keeps everything solid and right with this world.

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Ray Hansell

Ray Hansell

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