Rain Falls Slowly Poem by Reva Kern

Rain Falls Slowly

Rating: 4.0

Rain falls slowly
The sun has awakened
Choirs sing
To know that you have awakened
Taste the taste of the lie
The hatred and the hope
To think that all will be well
That I did something for the respect.
To have you by my side is not enough
To know that you know me
To know what I think
That it is for me to have you at my side.
I fear I do not know the answer
For not knowing what to do,
Not to have
Not to have a hiding place.
Everything falls upon me like a flash of lightning
It is the inferno reincarnated
I suffer for not having anyone to help me
I am trying.
All together we do something better
One alone dies slowly
They do not know what to do
They don't have a companion.

This is a translation of the poem Lluvia Cae Lentamente by Eduardo Jacobo Miranda Garcia
Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death,loneliness
Sheikh Shadi Marjan 06 June 2018

excellent poetry best wishes for you

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