The Regret Of The Toys Poem by Reva Kern

The Regret Of The Toys

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Always within myself I keep a profound sadness
The etched friendship of an adorable child
For whom her death sounded the fatal ivory horn
Because she was beautiful, and gracious and blonde

And yet, I feel blocked against the world,
Like a prince of the North that defends his citadel
And I'm sorry for the regret that I am suppressing
Like love after seven years no longer pouring forth in waves

And so the the day fled of childish toys
After Lucile and I played with marionettes
And ran, the two of us, in our wrinkled dresses

The little girl has climbed to the bottom of the heavens
And I have lost the pride of dressing the dolls...
Ah! To cross the great door of twenty years soon.

This is a translation of the poem Le Regret Des Joujoux by Émile Nelligan
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: death,loss
Bernard F. Asuncion 31 July 2018

Reva, such a well translated touching poem👍👍👍

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Rajnish Manga 31 July 2018

An emotional poem on losing a very young friend upon her death. It's heart touching. Thanks, both of you- Emile & Reva.

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