Reva Kern Poems

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Love And Dreams

Two hearts tossed
Into a vast valley -
Waiting on a hilltop
For clouds to appear

Little Crystal Dewdrop

Little crystal dewdrop
Trembling daughter of the morning,
On the tip of a leaf of thyme
What are you doing on the hill?

In The Rain

Concealed in my raincoat,
I walk in cozy abandon
Through mist and rain
With my hands dug deeply

Haiku By Masaoka Shiki In Translation#1

I also sketch
See the spring season
In the fields

The Dove

When chased out, without returning to the ancient temples,
twisted by the fiery wind that blew from Thabor
The grand Olympians were so miserable
That the grandchildren pulled their golden beards.

Love The Teeth

Holding onto your reflection
Captivates my mind
Gripping it with my body
Slowly, sinking down into

Reminiscences Of An Armchair Traveler...

Envelopes arrive from
Foreign lands
Carrying letters once held
By other hands

The Visitor

The hammock sways ever so slowly
In the gentle breeze
Of a hot summer afternoon
As I, lost in reverie, gaze up

My Soul

My soul has the naïvety of a glittering entity
Of a snow in February
Ah!We return to the threshold of childhood
On a pathway toward prayer

The Regret Of The Toys

Always within myself I keep a profound sadness
The etched friendship of an adorable child
For whom her death sounded the fatal ivory horn
Because she was beautiful, and gracious and blonde

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