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Ribs are very pain today
I have forgotten her words

It has come to understand the foolish

In the tears of the flute
I've lost far beyond
The tune of that flute reflects the tune of my cry
She's crying and crying, but why?

There is a lot of space in the sky
The soil is very patient

There is nothing like them

I imagine your innocent face


After a long time
I met with her
She is my best friend
She is so beautiful

A bright ruby living in the middle finger,
Its color is fades today.

Spent the whole night,

Your golden dream is not in my eyes
I believe in reality
I do not have the desire to fly in the colorful sky
Shrink my wings

I look for happiness from your grief
Lots of people living in your body

Traffic jam, population density, polluted environment,

Do you remember? Just for you,
I would run away from hundreds of miles away

Many times, Three hours standing in the rain

I got wet in the rain
And cried loudly
who can cry more?

My cool friend
My brilliant friend
She is so beautiful
She is so cute

আমি তোমার রক্তে উপস্থিত,
তুমি আমাকে কখনোই মুছে ফেলবে না

আমি সমুদ্র তুমি বন্যা,

Do not sleep in eyes
I stay up all night

Sleep is lost

আল ছড়াচ্ছে
আমার চোখে

Do not fear, win the fear
Will be, will be, will be now
This will be win the world
Sabas Bangladesh

Memories floating into the heart's mirror
A face with a smile
I look at it deeply mind
Then the pains hurt

Heavy sun heat on the paving road
The trees have been destroyed!
The peak heat now looks like a passer-by
Heat what a heat!

একদিন আবার পুনরায় প্রেমের হাওয়া
আমার আত্মা ছুয়ে গেল এবং দরজায় টোকা দিল
ভিতরে পেতে এবং নিয়ন্ত্রণ নিতে
ধীরে ধীরে আমার আত্মা নিশ্চল হতে লাগলো

আমাদের খমারের পুরানো কাঠের ঘরের পাশে
বাঁশের গাছ এখনও দাঁড়িয়ে আছে;
প্রতিটি পাতলা শরীর সবসময় ঝুঁকে আছে
পৃথিবীর প্রেমময় পাম্পের দিকে

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Sheikh Shadi Marjan a contemporary poet, writer and voice artist of Bangladesh. Born in Dhaka 21 January 1996. Student of English Literature.)

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After Breakup

Ribs are very pain today
I have forgotten her words

It has come to understand the foolish
The pains have taught all

I saw happiness in my tears
He found happiness in his smile

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Milon Nishi 30 June 2018

My favourite young poet

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Morshed 27 June 2018

Young poet, Beautiful Man

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Bangla Kobita 09 June 2018

Talent Young Poet of Bangladesh

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One Day Youth will Be Lost But Action Will Last Forever.

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Sheikh Shadi Marjan Popularity

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