Rapture Poem by Saeid Hadavand


Rating: 4.3

It seems I'm not on earth
How scented, Can you smell that?
How warm, Can you feel that?
What a tepid air caressing me
My eyes are close
And my arms, open in wind
Do I have any aim?
Where am I going?
But I've good feelings

And I say to myself:
Its end will be fine
Its end will be fine
end of this pleasures
end of this story
It will be fine

Now I feel
I can defeat the earth magnetism
I'm rapturing to my god

Obinna Eruchie 14 June 2009

imagery painted well.

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I love the imagery of the scented words and 'the tepid air that caresses. A raptured poem indeed! Karin Anderson top marks

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Elaine Oxamendi Vicet 26 April 2009

Rapture..spoken much of scripturally yet not scripturally written...interesting poem and the conjuring of words as it presents an image that one can embrace...leaves the reader thinking.

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Alf Hutchison 23 April 2009

Hello Saeid you have described the Rapture perfectly... tell me how you know so much about the Rapture?

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Saadat Tahir 23 April 2009

hi saeid personally i am more conventional...as poetry goes i mean i prefer a methodical systematic rhyme and rhythm like approach.... but other geners are just as....or more popular even yet a systemetic planned approach....say order in disorder would be my type of petry nice lines keep penning

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