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I hear a voice
What is it?
I dont know
What it says?

Far Far spaces
a tiny lost bird...
is looking for traces

Time by Time
Bide your time
There is no time to hold the time
Just pay the dime and drink the wine

It seems I'm not on earth
How scented, Can you smell that?
How warm, Can you feel that?
What a tepid air caressing me

Where are you?
Where are you o my lost, o my half...

Show me just a little glory

Look at her
I mean the lady
see her pride
her tender steps

This poem is presented by me in memory of the pretty poor girl Neda agha soltan to her family, Iran and the world.
' Neda ' has been killed in 2009/06/20 in Tehran - Iran by a bullet on her chest in the crowds of 10th presidental election protests of Iran.
I saw the video. It was painful. When I was watching it, When she was going, I heared her music master (The old man in the video) was saying to her: ' Don't be afraid, Don't be afraid... '
And now I'm here to complete his sentence for you.

I always think you're here
Beneath my skin, You're so near
I can feel you on my body, More than my wear
What are you looking for and what do you want here?

How can I say...
This shout of my eyes
This lack of mine
And this beautiful truth of my life

Let us begin
Let us be what we want
Let us see the one who we want
And let the heart lead anything

Paint the color, paint the white
Paint the truth, paint the right
Paint the other shape of might

Your winy red lips...
I want to be drunked with your kiss
Want to be unconscious for years, at least


This is a pain...When you know...
And thats gonna hurt...
The fall
Cold sun

The Best Poem Of Saeid Hadavand

My Mother

I hear a voice
What is it?
I dont know
What it says?
I dont know
How warm...
Isn't it?
It's so good...
Isn't it?
Oh my god
What is it?
Some hot sand
A cool wind
An island
Like my mind
Who are you?
I know you?
I love you?
I dont know
I'm sleep?
Yes it is
I'm sleep

Whose this voice?
Whose this love?
Who know this?
I dont know

My god says the heaven...
Is under your feet...
For ever

Someone says you're woman
Someone says you're a man
But i think you're both
You're woman and a man
Now i know, Who are you...
You're mother...
My mother
I sleep in your arms
For ever, my mother.

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Anna jonson 17 April 2009

you're great, doste man, keep going, , , , smile :)

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