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Realistic Fantasy, Or Fantastic Reality?

Rating: 4.6

I reach to grasp, my hands pass through.
The words evade, they are but smoke.
Thought has escaped, it is far gone,
My witless mind can work no more.

Past is slowly slipping away,
Future melts into the present.
I cannot know what this may mean
For reason wanes as does my mind.

Reality fades, disappears,
As fantasy takes brutal hold
Of weakened state, then recreates
The world which I will know no more.

Colors replace the sordid grays
That stood so long in des’prate hope
This day would come, to whisk away
The mind which held me prisoner.

C T Heart 20 October 2008

thoughts provoking...thanks! ! ! great job.

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Vester Crowley IX 20 October 2008

behind the words you wrote there is a divine fanatsy of strong emotions...Appluse i give thou

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Helen Williamson 20 October 2008

I also think it is fantastic...most regualr people may not understand what your saying with this, but the poetry community does again GREAT JOB! ! ! :) also feel free to read anfd comment (good or bad) on any of my poems....look for poems by poets name and enter Helen Williamson thanks :)

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cherry poppins 20 October 2008

its delightful you should turn it into a song i reckon it would be rad.

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Corey Threet 20 October 2008

Wow what a fantastic write it reminds me of a poem I wrote long ago 'An Imaginary reality' U know I think I'll post it and it's all because of you. Thanks for that poem it showed great imagination and I can relate to it a lot. Usually I like rhyming poems but I can make this an exception. Thank you and remember. Spread Yourself! ! ! !

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Ency Bearis 18 December 2008

wonderful poem..a nice introspection write...10 Ency Bearis

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William Luo 25 October 2008

time doesnt stop, the world continue to change, but you can only be satisfied by a fantasy.. good or bad? we live life fearing death is why we continue to live. we live life seeking pleasure is what makes life worthwile to live in. if we were not to fear death and can create pleasure from a speck of imagination, no human will perish without a smile on their faces, but again no human would strive to stay alive

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G. Murdock 24 October 2008

this is a well writ poem and deserves consideration. I would crave the ability of coming as close to the goal as this poem. Let me add that poetry to me is the round-about method of self realization. We attempt in our despair to write a world that isn't there. And when we write this world to be we find a world that's kind of me.

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Caroline Weeks 21 October 2008

Wow! Awesome imagery. Very good stuff. Every line had a certain weight to it...very good.

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Both are true...profound, thanks for sharing

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