Really Dangerously In Love Poem by Chantelle Nixon

Really Dangerously In Love

I can let myself imagine
Fantasize about what I wish for most
I could dream of a divorce
About eternal bliss for us two
About wild flowers in a yard
Set apart with a white picket fence
I could torture myself with thoughts of
Love, trust, commitment and loyalty
But why?
Why would I do that?
Do I deserve that much pain?
I look into my own eyes a
And see a softness
A tender and tranquil spirit
That just wants to love him
To hold a part of his heart
That would prove to be significant
I see the eyes of a woman
Who hates to face Reality
But has no other choice
He is not yours, he is not for you
The words visit my dreams
Break my heart
Crush my hopes
And awaken my sense
Will I be shocked?
Will I be surprised and hurt?
When the end finally comes?
Yes, but...
I should know
These silly wishes
For his kids, his last name
His house, his heart, his soul
Will NEVER EVER come true
No matter how hard I wish
He will never belong to only me
“I can’t do this thing...
Life without [him] here with me”
I know the extent of these words
I can’t breathe, sleep, eat
I cannot be without knowing
That he is loving me, missing me
And wanting me too
I am REALLY dangerously in love
Does he know how deep this is?
Can he tell how much I care?
Does he see how I hurt?
Surely he can’t love me
Like I love him
But how do you wake up
From the dream of love
Yes, I know the reality of
Being REALLY dangerously in love

Emily Oldham 07 November 2008

i love this poem...... so many girls can relate........... keep writing Athena *** words will change the world ***

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