Relationship With The Stars Poem by Alam Sayed

Relationship With The Stars

The flowers bloom in the mystery region between light and darkness.
Crossing thousands of light-years the stars touch them with their brightness
of cosmic love.
The moon is maddened by their fragrance.
You see their relatives in the distant space are not only a few.
Those dying and bright cosmic rays generated life in the mud.
So the flowers that bloom in the mud have sexual intimacy with the stars.
Though the flower rots and the intimacy wanes,
the flowers of mud drink the dew of stars.

Monday, June 18, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: cosmology,relationships
Robert Murray Smith 19 June 2018

Alam, an imaginative write that takes the mind to the primordial swamp. This is where starlight kissed the primitive cells begat from elemental stardust.++10

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Alam Sayed 19 June 2018

Thanks Robert.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 13 December 2018

Woah imaginative maverick poetic comparisons. A brilliant poem wow. Kudos. Soo nice to read from your inking again pleez do comment/review my newest poem too.

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Alam Sayed 14 December 2018

Thanks for commenting.

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Bri Edwards 13 July 2018

this is perhaps too mysterious for me to understand (completely) . but, my mate has today been almost maddened (in a good way) by smelling (and making tea with) blossoms of a young grapefruit tree on our property. with stars? ? you mean like Naznin Akter Happy? ? ? or doesn't she do THAT anymore? ? bri :)

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A poem of images rushing in.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 21 June 2018

.....'''So the flowers that bloom in the mud have sexual intimacy with the stars.....''' SEE ALL LOVE... EVEN FLOWERS SO READ MY LATEST IT TALKS ABOUT YOU WILL SHARE IT WITH FRIENDS AND READ MY TWO BEST POEMS MOMS SMILES AND MOTHERS DAY TO DAY u will love them also anyway

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Akhtar Jawad 19 June 2018

In the universe all the stars, planets and the moons are related to each other and are affected by each other. A thought provoking poem.

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Alam Sayed 19 June 2018

Thanks for your kind words.

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