Rescuing My Darkened Heart Poem by Alex Gomez

Rescuing My Darkened Heart

Rating: 4.8

Disconnected from reality,
My heart fades into the abysmal darkness,
Drifting endlessly through a pool of misery

Such a complex conundrum,
My mind obsessively reminisces about times past,
The gorgeous young lady I called “My Love”

My soul is shattered,
Looking myself in the mirror, I witness only disgrace,
I am merely a shell of my former self

My will undone,
I contemplate what will become of my hopeless future,
Until a bright angel shines her light upon me

The brilliance of her eyes as she stares at me,
Possibly into my blackened soul,
Renews my will and uplifts my spirits

Her voice is the equivalent of a chorus of angels,
Creating a majestic symphony of words,
Simply by speaking a sentence

The lunatic that I once allowed to indulge itself on my own madness,
Rationalizes itself and focuses on a new polestar,
This Heavenly being that salvaged my being

Quickly she becomes the crux of my existence,
Making life without her virtually impossible,
Creating a feeling of sadness when she disappears from my sight,
Spawning an unimaginably joyous emotion when she’s around

She is my new addiction,
She is my hypnotist,
She is the poison that I gladly welcome into my veins,
Spreading throughout my anatomy,
Leaving me with an unseen, happily accepted scar on my heart

Suddenly, I break free from this trance,
My eyes see what my heart blinded me from:
Simply another one of the Celestials,
Fallen from virtue

No, no, no!

Why can’t I get this right?

I have truly been forsaken!

I again lay in my miserable pool,
This time, I am drowning
This time, I won’t ever come out

Stephen Black 07 April 2009

Nice, dark, mysterious... I LUV IT! ! ! !

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Maria Isabel Oropeza 30 March 2009

Wow. I gave this one a 10, my friend. I like the inner depth of your lines, and how you can analyze this to the core, and still get something different, yet great about it. Great job! The work of a true poet. Be Different. Be You. Elizabeth

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