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6th Grade Limerick

I think cake is so yummy
It always fills my tummy
And it's fun to bake
Oh dear sweet cake

Apology Letter

I know writing this may be futile,
‘cause of all the atrocious words I’ve said, but
May I be pardoned to speak a few words of truth?

Collection Of Haiku

I see them all change,
Transforming completely; a

False Ending?

If we lead a virtuous life,
the angels will come down
and they take us to a heavenly place.
If we live with mal intentions,

A Punkish Experience

A cluster of pent-up energy,
Chugging guitar riffs,
Hardcore pounding drums,
Deep basslines, and

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Jodie Cooper 06 December 2011

wow ace i love this poem it is great and probably true well done xx

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Stephen Black 24 March 2009

Again, BIG FAN! ! ! There needs to be more charcters in this comment so... jbfgdlgblfkhvbgifghbkafsdjgbiudfajklbghsdsdbfjk.... LOL =]

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