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I think cake is so yummy
It always fills my tummy
And it's fun to bake
Oh dear sweet cake

I know writing this may be futile,
‘cause of all the atrocious words I’ve said, but
May I be pardoned to speak a few words of truth?

I see them all change,
Transforming completely; a

If we lead a virtuous life,
the angels will come down
and they take us to a heavenly place.
If we live with mal intentions,

A cluster of pent-up energy,
Chugging guitar riffs,
Hardcore pounding drums,
Deep basslines, and

Some have told me the city will ruin me
Some said the city is an ugly place
The city has marred better men than me

The vastness of space,
The endlessness of time,
The depth of my heart,
The complexity of my mind,

Beyond the corridors of my mind,
Reality begins to unhinge itself.

This unusual distortion disrupts my sanity

I’m placed upon a cold and lonely shore
The melancholy edges of the Earth
And only darkness brews within its core
I fall into the chasm of rebirth

This entire existence is violent,
Yet the media will remain silent.
Darkness overwhelms the vastness of light.
Cannot anyone cease these pointless fights?

</>Abhorrent, disgusting,
Destructive emotions.

Abandoned and lonely


November 12,1992

Oh, what a glorious day this is;
My first child in ten years was

Chained to a desk
As midnight hour dawns
Yearning for rest
Usefulness of a pawn

You’ve climbed that mountain of excellence
Seeking wisdom and enlightenment
But all you’ve gained is arrogance
And a hypocritical entitlement

It’s all pointless.

Failure inevitably occurs.

A spiritless existence,
A careless continuance,
An emotionless presence,
A lifeless survival.

I sit here in loneliness,
Merely a plague to society.
As I watch life regress,
Existence lessens in variety.

Though greed was responsible for
The invasion, greed would also be
The fuel for humanity’s survival.

This condition
Permeates my
Entire soul.

An intergalactic encounter,
They arrived from a distant universe,
Discovering we were the closest planet
Containing living creatures.

Alex Gomez Biography

Considered by many to be a writing prodigy at the young age of 16, Alex Gomez exemplifies the next generation of extraordinary writers. With plenty of memorable occurrences, thoughts, emotions and ideas flowing freely through his intelligent mind, he is easily able to fuse these elements and create wonderful masterworks of literature. Utilizing a wide array of advanced vocabulary and modernistic poetic structures, each of Alex's poems possesses unique attributes. He is influenced by few and carries on the legacy as a Hispanic writer. With fear of a future overrun by anti-literature ideals, Alex Gomez will rise from the ashes and provide excellent reading material that will leave its mark on history.)

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6th Grade Limerick

I think cake is so yummy
It always fills my tummy
And it's fun to bake
Oh dear sweet cake
I love you like a Halloween mummy!

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Jodie Cooper 06 December 2011

wow ace i love this poem it is great and probably true well done xx

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Stephen Black 24 March 2009

Again, BIG FAN! ! ! There needs to be more charcters in this comment so... jbfgdlgblfkhvbgifghbkafsdjgbiudfajklbghsdsdbfjk.... LOL =]

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