Alex Gomez Poems

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6th Grade Limerick

I think cake is so yummy
It always fills my tummy
And it's fun to bake
Oh dear sweet cake

Apology Letter

I know writing this may be futile,
‘cause of all the atrocious words I’ve said, but
May I be pardoned to speak a few words of truth?

Collection Of Haiku

I see them all change,
Transforming completely; a

False Ending?

If we lead a virtuous life,
the angels will come down
and they take us to a heavenly place.
If we live with mal intentions,

A Punkish Experience

A cluster of pent-up energy,
Chugging guitar riffs,
Hardcore pounding drums,
Deep basslines, and

I Still Love The City, But The City Doesn'T Love Me

Some have told me the city will ruin me
Some said the city is an ugly place
The city has marred better men than me

A Year Without Your Light (To Mom)

The vastness of space,
The endlessness of time,
The depth of my heart,
The complexity of my mind,

Declaration Of Insanity

Beyond the corridors of my mind,
Reality begins to unhinge itself.

This unusual distortion disrupts my sanity

You Fail Me

I’m placed upon a cold and lonely shore
The melancholy edges of the Earth
And only darkness brews within its core
I fall into the chasm of rebirth

Another Statistic

This entire existence is violent,
Yet the media will remain silent.
Darkness overwhelms the vastness of light.
Cannot anyone cease these pointless fights?