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A Punkish Experience

Rating: 2.4

A cluster of pent-up energy,
Chugging guitar riffs,
Hardcore pounding drums,
Deep basslines, and
Rough vocals suffocates me.

A volatile atmosphere compels
Me to headbang to the rhythm,
As if the music has possessed
My very soul.

All of my rationale is clouded
By a barbaric instinct to groove
In a violent manner.

I am a willing slave,
A free captive,
Forfeiting my spirit
To the animalistic majesty
Of the music.

Crimson Love 04 December 2011

This is a magnificent poem, that truly captures the very essence dare I say of a 'Punkish expierience' ;) this is truly a phenomenal poem.

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Alex Rios 02 June 2009

WOW! I love this poem! It's not only about music it's the way you feel and move to the music! That is just an amazing talent you have!

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Stephen Black 23 March 2009

I love classic rock & metal so I know exactly what this refers to. So simple on such a difficult topic. Very well-written especially for your age. I'm younger than you so I am not very good at using such complex vocabulary. Unique poetry my friend, very different. Why don't poets write like this anymore?

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ok, i really like this one cuz it involves music :)

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