Apology Letter Poem by Alex Gomez

Apology Letter

Rating: 2.6

I know writing this may be futile,
‘cause of all the atrocious words I’ve said, but
May I be pardoned to speak a few words of truth?

Stingy must have been what you felt after my
Ostensibly hurtful assault of words.
Rest assured, these words were empty.
Regret constantly loomed over me as I
Yelled those violent slurs and insults.

Damn me for my indiscretions and selfishness.
I can’t comprehend what I’m leaving behind
All I could ever ask for now resents my soul
No one can absolutely fill the gap in my heart
Nor rectify the mistake I have committed.
All I know is I’ve created a grim catastrophe for myself.

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 14 June 2009

Its never too late. Self-admission is a very positive attitude towards life. Nice apologatic words, must be appreciated. Naseer

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very heartfelt.. humility is main root of repentance... a man is truly wonderful when he is capable of saying sorry..nice one..10

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Lady Grace 19 June 2009

to apologize makes the concern person know the fault..there's no harm in it..this letter is well penned..grace

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don’t worry Alex, we too are on board! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Alex Gomez 24 June 2009

You may be pleased to know I have her back. :)

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mehwish 04 February 2018

Add a comment.glamour poetry for all angry persons

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Bele Lele 30 August 2009

Great use of wordds, like the poem/letter Well written Keep it up.

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Chris Newlash 28 June 2009

oh my... yes you do have a great vocab. thanks for your critizism of my poem bipolar and yeah its a little well duh, but i really did just want somthing for people to be able to read quickly and for the rhyme to flow. sorry it's taken so long to comment one of your poems: D take care

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Tyease Collins 27 June 2009

Such a beautiful poem. It really sounded like a letter. I loved the ending. It really wrapped up the whole poem well =]

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that is a beautiful, sincere and genious letter which caused her to be back to you..well expressed..

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