Residual To Do Dual Hunting Virtual Postcardual Poems Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Residual To Do Dual Hunting Virtual Postcardual Poems

Could I design a widget
for sitting with a celebrity that doesn't fidget?
I'll superimpose the uploaded pic
Of person next to celebrity/lookalike trick
Using source Code from Morf Metamorphosis
For Image Transforming Program Emphasis.

I'd like to check source code for discontinued domain names
and try shareware, Time and Chaos, calendar on Thames.
Also devise similar wallpaper and screensaver
that looks like it's doing real desk calender a favour.
I'd like to see how to uncompress a file I've been sent
though extension for unzip seems evasive if not bent.

I'd love to make a toolbar where type h and full http appears,
then sell domain names and transfer these directly in years.
Also to save money uploading my pictures on photobucket,
read, check and reply to all messages before lauching cyberocket
oh, and grant it permissible to use comma before and
whilst submitting urbandictionary definitions consulting words at hand.

Then with ample time browse through every graphic on profileangels oh
putting blog ideas in diaryland, tripod, squidoo lens and piczo
taking care to mind my language on bbc diverting to search faults
jokepal to cheer me up and amazing at how google obtains results
before going gameaquarion for some keyboarding exercises
to be practiced on hometown, gumtree, nabster and mp3 surmises.

BTW There's no links here, but life's sure full of surprises.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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