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I write from the heart, oftentimes, its a song that inspire me to write, just simple songs, I always wear my heart on my sleeve, that's my bane, I'm so easy to read, pathetic sometimes, I do tend to kinda say the lamest verse, so do understand, I'm just a beginner in this hand

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Kannan G 23 November 2010

Although you say 'my heart bare, my mouth mute' your poem reveals that you carry with you a heart that reads and a voice that speaks. Keep writing. Best wishes.

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Tina Marie Clark 29 April 2009

Yes Those Words Brought Chills You're Good!

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***s.S.H.***#2 Fearsome Haiku

fear controls, great terror,
attack its core, like a mirror,
and free your soul....

***Some Sort of Haiku***

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