Right Time Right Place Poem by Elena Sandu

Right Time Right Place

Rating: 5.0

Used to think, feel
that I was born
in the wrong era.
I thought so
for so long
but not anymore.
These days
I love my Era
and feel proud
and happy
of living it.
I see and feel
all these changes
and I am trying
my best.
Careful preparing
the seeds
for the new flower,
times that I may catch
and touch
with my own hand:
that of a fair world
with humans living in peace
sharing everything,
but first,
most of all,
love and smiles.
Quite possible.
Why not?

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: hope
Ramesh Rai 06 September 2017

It is very tough to understand right time and right place. But if we can understand the situation our all problems will be over. A worthy write. Thanks for sharing. Regards.

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Valsa George 01 October 2015

We are fortunate to be living during this time when the world has made of a lot of advancements, quite unthinkable for those who lived before us! Though over the sky at times dark clouds gather, it is a pleasure to watch them drifting away and the sky getting clearer and brighter! Let us hope that a fairer world will soon emerge when people become the apostles of peace and harmony and when their faces will be lit with radiant smiles! A sweet poem full of hope!

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