*snow, It's Not Your Time To Go, Please Stay! ! Poem by Elena Sandu

*snow, It's Not Your Time To Go, Please Stay! !

Rating: 2.7

It's winter, yet I can feel
first signs of spring
seen the snow melting,
heard the birds sing
how happily kept spreading
their wings!
I smiled, but deeper, deep
Inside my heart
Came bleeding one more crack...
My heart is breaking as I know
Might be a shorter time to go
for us might fly on ski no more
nor skate, no slide on sleigh
nor ever watch few flakes
doing their dancing falling snow!
Soon, in no more than years or decades
might we see only raining, an entire winter
I so much fear, I so much fear...
The drops of rain?
Tears, and only tear flakes,
of our most sorrowful pain!
Not ever given chance for snow again!
We are avoiding the deep thought,
To understand, we do not want
And never stop to make, stock or gain
Imported food, tobacco, rare drinks
cute cup, gush, only because
it is so cute, and also, pink!
A table plate,
look, all comes really really cheap! ?
Then get those big things, expensive ones
the latest car, new game, blue ray
whole range of digi smart,
new place new house
new roads or railroads deeply cutting
the hearts of dear mountains,
companies, factories, destroying
eating away all the clean air,
I could continue till tomorrow, but you may
stop me and angrily say: -
tomorrow always comes
you'll never go away!
Right! And so the the global warming
forever it will stay
if we continue to play their games.
Whose game? How could I know,
No one would say..
But doesn't matter anyway
let's only stop the playing.
And try to save, starting with
being careful for what I pay.

I'll raise my water cup
For me, for Us,
for better than the worse,
Let's rise!

Noroc! - in romanian tongue it means cheers and good luck!

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: snow
Elena Sandu 18 February 2011

LOL, Next time, I should be more careful what to wish for, today less writing poems, busy to clean the snow, came up to knees, light weight (lucky) beautiful..and deep, hahahaha.The selfish me it's going out to give a bow to a gray sky, appologise and say: - please, we have enough for today.Tomorrow comes another day..

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Siddartha Montik 17 December 2016

LOL, yes like that wit @! ! ! I still like and Love snow! !

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Malaya Roses 31 March 2011

Nature and season will change but the same feeling will not come again unless we act and try our best to save the nature to continue enjoy the nature. I love winter and this poem really make me miss my last winter and the feel in that season. Keep the nature alive and the nature will give us more chance to enjoy the best. Excellent poem.

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Vinod Kumar 30 July 2011

By the influence of the nature we can flew the seven skys... beautiful landscape it really impressd the soul 10+

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I like this poem. This year I didnt experience a spring, and summer seemed rather harsh! Global warming is not our friend of anyone. Thought it doesnt necessarily mean whinter would go away, it just means that thigs would become unpredictable and more extreme~

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Mahtab Bangalee 14 October 2019

I so much fear, I so much fear... The drops of rain? Tears, and only tear flakes, of our most sorrowful pain! - - - -/// wow what a poetic expression// written greatly // love it

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A B Faniki 09 August 2019

What a picture u painted about what u miss most when snow is gone.A lovel poem Plus I nw know Noroc

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C F 12 July 2019

A needle sharp account of our environment and consuming habits of today, excellently written in very captivating poetic form.10+

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Chinedu Dike 31 January 2018

An insightful piece on the effects of global warming and the harmful effects of man activities on the environment, well articulated and elegantly brought forth with conviction. A witty piece of poetry set aside for serious reflection. Thanks for sharing Elena.

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Siddartha Montik 17 December 2016

I can get, as I read it, my winter and snow anytime! ! yet yearn for that spring thru the aisles of fall and color of Immense.., No Stay here You white be here and chill us! ! ..wonderful write Poet, thank you for sharing! ! 10+++ for that snow!

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