*rubaiyat Of Invention And Innovation September 25 2021 Version After Edward Fitzgerald Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam* Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

*rubaiyat Of Invention And Innovation September 25 2021 Version After Edward Fitzgerald Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam*

Muse tunes to Rubaiyat. Ideas explore
for sure amusement Life's ‘how', ‘why', ‘wherefore',
thoughts thread together, beaded rosary
to bloom before stark tomb's dark curtains draw.

Sage word strings spring brain cage stage, on page find
imprinted space in spirit or in mind
retain gold quips, trip far from dross loss base -
touch base with open eyes which once peered blind.

Life veils ‘beyond the pale' through which few see -
too many haste taste, waste eternity,
feign to ignore life's finite dice roll thrown,
sum of infinite opportunity.

Can "Truth" exist? we're asked, swift sift core store,
touch tendrils, clutch at straws, rehearse a score
whose strophes three score ten, twice more again,
write introduction light untold before.

Here Left and Right brain thought trains juxtapose,
as twenty six initials recompose
prismatic thought-waves, favour fails to court -
nor ought fraught taut retort be brought verse, prose.

As Caxton's soldiers fan out page to page,
wage war with work, or work with living wage,
words' worth seeks balanced judgement, courting stage
free from judgemental values' fretwork cage.

Here content, style, a while, united are,
to s[t]imulate reflection, nothing bar,
to pleasure, treasure, or discard at will
by Jack, Left, and Jilll, Right, at odds, on par.

In freed seed stanzas speeding to succeed
each other helter-skelter, thinking feed,
Green represents right-brain perceptions while
Blue underscores Left's all-embracing need
to wrest control from 'fools' who fail to share
strategic goals, appearing unaware
coins have two sides, tail's tale may value add,
where heads on confrontation's often snare.

False logic led to twenty years defeat -
Afghanistan example few'd repeat -
where ends, means are confounded, pancake flat
fall on fake news, compounded self-deceit.

Right brain most female mindsets represents,
while Left brain runs male mind-sets bent on sense,
conclusions drawn between the two explain
how rubais' rhyme and reason may condense
ways men think women feel their flower world,
ways women feel men think scare power hurled
explicitly as railed minds rale against
implicit trails dames follow, necklace pearled.

The bridge of sighs between the two we try
interpreting as headstrong minds belie
middle paths considered treachery
by headlong rush firm framework to apply
conflicting sources although ‘why' not knowing,
nor whence, like water willy-nilly flowing:
and out of it, as wind along the waste,
it knows not whither, willy-nilly blowing.

We versify to shed some light on what
A.I. could program, sadly ‘tis the lot
of whosoever dares, ahead of time,
fly concepts, stimulation buckshot hot.

Whatever our allotted span or race
humanity declared son sun as ace:
man's place of pride and flavour base femme soon
shall claim fame's pride of place, moon's runes replace,
trace new priorities, with Nature more in tune
to rock foundations proving far from boon,
old order fails, "unfair" wails, in disgrace
fades as new world emerges from cocoon.

Here we explore core paradoxes which
divide left brain from right, and offer switch
inviting insight into ways most think
Jack Left, Jill Right, communication stitch.

In passing thank Fitzgerald whose Omar
Is as important as the Calendar
the latter gave the world in years gone by, -
without the which we couldn't travel far.

So grasp "the moving finger" as it writes
wait not on Time, but tune to timing - flights
of fancy twin with opportunity
which may not seed again, feed dream's delights.

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
moves on: nor all thy piety nor wit
shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
nor all thy tears wash out a word of it.

The Moving Finger writes, moves on once writ,
says Left, ensuring that conclusions fit,
Alas ! train Right brain finds track rigid, tied
to thoughts too restrictive, Will wanting wit.

At stake is not just opportunity
to mock Pandora's lock necessity,
Knowledge must link to Intuition's guide,
Time mocks rocks, dykes which walled off sea from sea.

Invention, innovation, share few tracks,
the former leans on what the latter lacks,
Left brain is organized, by logic backed
while Right brain loves to test conflicting tacks.

One seeks salvation's compliments right now,
one tweaks, creation complements, finds "how",
savours the trip itself where'er it leads,
each furrow fashioned from a different plough.

NIRVANA reads RAN VAIN when lacking span
to shrink the link dividing man from man,
RA IN VAN enlightenment sums sun,
where I RAN VAN entitlement works plan.

Invent pursues where innovation points,
from its zen flesh and bones provides flex joints
attracts wide world's attention, iceberg tip
exploring crown's renown our race anoints.

Invention: information channelled, spelled,
Where end result is traced from chase compelled
by circumstance - necessity as dam -
objective gained, no energy withheld.
From arty cave to party rave we rose -
no raptors left, enfeebled mammoths froze -
from hunter into harvester evolved
flint hearts replacing fire-stones. Juxtapose
woman-kind, home, hearth to manhunt's sword
of strangers seeking path to bed, bath, board, -
"unkindest cut of all" for present gain
Looks rarely to shared future free from stain.

Innovation: flashpoint few foresee,
lightning strike, transforms reality,
stems less from dam than from home grown desire,
sires fires to damn conventionality.

Invent is news which hi[s]story appoints.
Innovation: views, not won on points,
The two approaches differ widely for
invention's Left brain which itself anoints.

Invent: Left's spirit seldom satisfied
with status quo, would sew new ribbon tied
around edition fresh of old idea,
and profit, in all senses, from the ride.

Right, Innovation, often steps aside
from golden rule that common sense should bide
its time, ride finds more favour than wait which
though earning int'rest cannot joy provide.

Left puzzles pieces, Right, holistic whole.
Left etches parts, square peg grounds to round hole.
Right parts from scratch, prefers mind vaulting pole
to catalyse spring causal, humour drole.

Right rôle play games, irk Left committed whole
to goals wins, spins strong t[h]read rugs red unroll,
Left works with teams, Right teems with works
which whet his appetite for force, control.

Right little patience shows with rigmarole,
defined in terms precise which some extol,
Right bets on hedges, Left oft hedges bets
to safeguard steps from any jealous soul.

Red Tape is Left behind. Right circumvents
black holes, sees red when Left plays righteous, vents
spleen, envy, steam while Right anticipates
new ways to dollars save at cents' expense.

Left little patience shows for double Dutch,
plays safe, while Right relays, remains in hutch.
Left feels frustrated when from tall black hat
Right rabbit pulls while both at straws still clutch.

For leads Right looks, left looks to lead, grow grand,
Finds focus where Right‘s dreams schemes must expand -
outstanding Right where Left would just stand out -
Left seeks command, Right seeds to understand.

Right's ball no question makes of Ayes and Noes
but here or there as strikes the fancy flows
and Left that toss'd it down into the field,
Left thinks he knows it all and shows HE knows!

Right's bat at that suspicious often grows,
Alas, that Spring should vanish with the rose!
Left's current certainties may morrow wilt,
Youth's sweet-scented manuscript will close!

With Earth's first clay Left wants last Man to knead,
there would of the last harvest sow the seed
Right the first morning of Creation wrote
what the last dawn of reckoning's agreed.

And this Right knows: whether the one True Light
kindle to Love, or wrath consuming quite,
that in one flash [s]he sees mind's mirror caught
wins more than might in Left's right left outright.

Right out of senseless Nothing can provoke
a conscious Something to offset harsh yoke,
though yolk and white combine where omelette
of chicken-egg debate is often spoke.

Less Left would speak but takes in hand the spoke,
takes measurements, stressed, often goes for broke.
Left scores ‘illicit' pleasure, under pain
of everlasting penalties, laws broke.

Left won't be left behind, when mind must work
with application, checks, rechecks won't shirk
should one experiment meet accident,
returns to learn where irking errors lurk.

Right won't be tied behind by sect or kirk,
imagination surfs Time's tide to jerk
life's secrets from "the foam of perilous seas
of faery lands forlorn" - twist humour quirk.

Defence and Prosecution illustrate
conflicting roles perceptions demonstrate
the ways invent and innovation play
their parts within both statement and the State.

Prosecution steers procedure past,
point proves, from point to point advances fast,
weighs more than plays, stays wary where surprise
could compromise its ruts, designed to last.

Left brain improves, adapts, contrives to cast
cards schooled to rule through precedent hard, fast,
right brain senses emotivity
which left brain tests with rigour unsurpassed,

Defence cares less for strong notes than key song,
dares more, wears less, won't always string along,
lifts patterns more than sifts, dreams different guise,
wise, judges not disguise as always wrong.

Prosecution hones the Law's harsh bite
pursues relentlessly whatever might
present fair play as way lest laxity,
upsets convictions, or convictions' might.

Defence runs fate's dark gauntlet, finds fresh way
to play for time and execution's stay -
while Prosecution, left, preys on just fight
Defence p[r]ays, fights to fight another day.

One, left brain thinking works through day and night,
the other, right brain, writes of wrongs to right,
would equity extend to free and see
might to its place, replaced with just insight.

Left brain procedures precedents uphold,
this right brain finds restrictive, leaves it cold,
between the two grey matters black and white
draw frontiers firm in court naught caught short sold.

When something goes awry, elastoplast
Left tries - to sa[l]ve old bearings overcast,
turns back to drawing board which soon supplies
Left's logic with firm answer to forecast.

Right looks aghast at formal plans and strong
Of mice and men - when sounds the final gong
they're often wanting found, ship foundering lies
floundering at the bottom of the klong.

With instinct and experience Left packs
The deal he'd seal to minimise risk's whacks,
while Right deals out the pack which Fate defies,
and wins or loses gambling chips in stacks.

From never rest to Everest Left would climb
intent on proving life's not p[h]antomime,
Right here's more bent upon perspectives vast
which cares a dime that climate rhymes with time.

Invectives and opinions firm Left keeps.
Withstanding bland brand pinions Right squirms, weeps
dismayed cruel world at any given time
prefers to balance checks, fears quantum leaps.

Left files sharp claws which both before behind,
attack in self defence, protecting mind
from flux, from change, arranges, irons out
barbed wired impressions orderly aligned.

Left, from quotations printed fine, consigned,
advances point to point, points proves, aligned
as peas in pod, squad trained beyond all doubt,
avoiding void, vain compromise maligned.

Right‘s rainbow led reflections are declined,
ground ‘neath Left's feet, unsound, seems undermined,
lest consequence from cause risk spirals out,
Left snaps control, traps soul in double bind.

Left limits ‘strange' to context predefined,
lauds conduct clear, to weakness scarce inclined -
Reaction not Response its all about,
matter mutters: mind, do not unwind!

Left seeks respect, tweaks Right who weak he'd find,
inclined to speculations undefined.
Right looks beyond, as universal scout
mind over matter mutters 'don't be blind! '

Right's polyvalent talents are combined
with "will to know" not "know to will assigned"
Right far and wide, will doubt, conventions flout,
replacing rigid Past with Future kind.

Right colour, contour, context, weighs, inclined
perplexed or vexed by context too confined
spurns 'cut and dried' as superficial spiel,
facts "black" or "white"straitjackets rights resigned.

Right ties rejects which far too tightly trined
leave insufficient space, when wined and dined,
reigns over networks new which serve, st[r]and out,
deserve attention due, though undefined.

Left brain firm trains, explains, holds doubt a vice,
method is blessed in Prussian terms precise,
Right seeks advice, to ‘When? ' adds ‘Why? '
Explores escape from imposition's vice.

Left th[r]ough due process, orders gives, obeys,
Right resonates, tunes, amplifies, relays,
each finds reach others teach at best suspect,
one phrase defines, one signals waves in phase.

Left, little feeling, thinks on measures, weighs,
Right hallows hunch in unexpected ways,
Each finds fond pleasure through bond interface
Intolerance occasionally displays.

Left comprehends, Right feels, ‘gainst wrong appeals.
Right makes amends where sometimes Left conceals
emotions with a surface self-restraint
intuitive Right feels travesty reveals.

Right damns dam notions, drawing from sixth sense,
Left masks emotions - tasks take precedence -
through complex facts intact, contract's pursued,
Right tact prefers, contacting joys intense.

Left's sense of purpose drives momentum great.
Right's sense convergent helps to integrate
parallel dimensions, voices choice
that Left grates, reads as weakness, hesitation rates.

Left's sense of planning point to point links straight.
Right's contradictions often may frustrate,
from straitened circumstances two paths spring -
these, well combined, approach perfection's state.

Right brain responds, to empathize its role.
Left brain reacts, to emphasize control.
Each n eeds a dose of each to reach the stars -
Which little care for spins from pole to pole.

Left sets cork standard size to bottle wine,
Right whets unusual ‘nose' for flavour fine:
together they complete life's kitchen where
one cutler is, one chef, - and so we dine !

One channels to produce pure data streams,
One flannels to seduce, lure, sate her dreams,
thus inspiration gleams through different ways
we slice cake Fate's dice throws, averts extremes.

Invention is the blossom on the tree,
Whose fruit is innovation - what role we
elect to play is weighed by hand which writes
the score for music that posterity
will use or will abuse, for good or ill,
to chain or free, tomorrow's dreams fulfil
to mar, or let men Mars and far stars reach,
empowered by women who're no longer still.

Invention is intention catalyzed,
by role reversal, vistas re-apprised,
extension complicated later seen
as simple step towards sound goal disguised.

Is "simple step ahead on path disguised"
more than old calculations re-revised?
With hindsight goal gleams bright or error's seen,
quintessential touchstone, flaw despised.

Extension is an option exercised
which counts or counters process organized, -
Right follows flow, though tacks against tight tides,
examples samples, straight lines exorcized.

How sweet is mortal Sovranty''s Left's sum:
Ah! take the cash in hand waiver were dumb.
this seems simplistic credo to Right minds
which ask How blessed the Paradise to come!

However phrased ‘Invent', ‘Create', refuse
stark pitch and toss of static overviews,
lag times are often lengthy, introduction
must cater to the publics right to choose.

And yet when innovation spreads its shoots
to sound the ground thought far too dry for roots,
the route seems somehow opened or prepared
as Present, Future, Past, act in cahoots.

For Change's stream self-stimulates its flow
from double sources, which together sow
awareness - keen, unseen - an interplay
self-sustained, momentum primed to go
through synchronicity yet not in tandem though
the two may be confused in afterglow
when hindsight's blessing seeks to document
‘invent' or ‘innovation' cameo.

Life can't run on one track - both sot and sage,
must gear up, intuitions hear, engage,
black, white, replace with bright kaleidoscope,
and [w]ink "I think I think ! " upon Life's page.

Mechanic man seeks to elucidate
life's fractal origami fan, puts gate
or toll road taxing access to his works
claims copyright must efforts compensate.

Yet many works are imitated or
lifted wholesale from what came before
unknown to most, or hosted on dead links,
retrieved to comfort building blocks of yore.

This attitude, when taken to extremes,
shows Trump tub thumping versus Hallmark dreams,
the former goes against the grain for those
attached to more sophisticated themes.

Monochromatic mind's miasmal murk
riding roughshod, power plays at work
manipulating jargon legalese
compounded by a somewhat slimy smirk,
may paint a painfut stereotype to jerk
complacency where covert tax-free perk
replaces equity. if pitfalls lurk
behind the dotted lines' fine print to trap
good will til trust goes bust or goes bezerk.

But this is not the norm. More subtle roads
are travelled, yet whips, scorpions and goads
inflict much pain, insidiously unseen,
unheard, whence need to lighten many loads.

Left brain, exploiting weakness makes inroads
against ideals which reel, keel under, codes
imposed top-down, frown on exhuberance
susceptible to contentious episodes.

What matters, and to whom? What gravities
apply when anti-matter equals tease
conundrums which a life-long paradox
til memories dissolve on karmic breeze,

They stumble on till patterns by degrees
emerge from angles, focus, offer keys
to warp and weft of substance help discern
fine line dividing wood from trees.

Both rhyme and reason often are withheld
till time and season ring true changes belled,
and timing is essential where the mind
must funnel forces for tomorrow spelled.

Who would evolve must choose from many doors, -
each offers either fame, or blame, doom draws.
Time twists or tows each current man would seize,
each offers health or wealth, advance or pause.

The doors are those of inner confidence,
opened not by sitting on a fence,
though ‘Chance' a helping hand appears to lend
connecting inklings into solid sense.

But sense is insufficient - those who see
the light with passion, work to find a key
to free not freeze mankind, - for better world
needs no fixed frieze to please the gallery.

What fame is, what is doom, though, who foresees
What choice reject, what opportunities
take for, or take as, granted, intervene
converting wonder into energies
which harness intuitions to complete
thought chains that reign not rein in, Right may meet,
combining much intangible to seek
responses which Left's one track world defeat.

Who would advance must knock upon those doors,
imagine links between effect and cause,
must persevere despite cold failure's fears,
warm ice of ignorance until it thaws.

Thus "Cause", "Effect" combine as on their way
Chance cusps converge in subtle interplay,
although the watershed important seems
today - tomorrow's dreams may well betray.

Left brain or Right? The one extends the known,
re-engineers and hears hid pattern's tone,
the other changes gears and clears the way
intuitive the former's instincts stone.

Left brain or Right? One concentrates, would own,
the other seems to contradictions prone,
yet both explore flaws' causes, minds honed keen -
synaptic leaps come cheap, fresh codes to clone.

Right squanders precious hours "in vain pursuit
of this and that endeavour and dispute;
better be jocund with the fruitful grape
than sadden after none, or bitter, fruit.

Right too well knows with what a brave carouse
some made a second Marriage in their house";
"divorced old barren Reason from their bed,
and took the daughter of the vine to spouse.

Yet those who whine, those who wine-dine, one day
will meet like fate, in state with worms to stay,
or earnings urned, or sunk ‘full fathom five'
both trunk or drunk awake too late to pray!

The Left brain can with logic absolute
the two-and-seventy jarring sects confute
Right, sovereign alchemist, may in a trice
Life's leaden metal into gold transmute.

For Is and Is-not Left with rule and line
and UP-AND-DOWN through Logic must define,
of all that one should care to fathom, Right
was never deep in abstracts to design.

In all the seeds of wisdom both would sow,
each with his, her hand conjures it to grow
though this be bitter harvest most must reap -
"I came like Water, and like Wind I go.

Left sizes Glories of this world while Right
sighs for the Prophet's Paradise come right,
Left takes the cash, and lets the credit go!
Who'd heed the rumbling distant drum tonight ?

Both Left who husbanded the golden grain,
and Right who flung it to the winds like rain,
alike to no such aureate earth are turned
as, buried once, Men want dug up again.

She, chaste, who s[l]aving pension's ration crust,
and He who chased to waste through greed and lust,
alike must not forget to taste the spice
of life before fruit, roots, dissolve in dust.

Retirement benefits are left unclaimed
when Death, untimely, Fate's sharp shafts has aimed, -
how much of what remains by fiscal crush
is lost - what cost to generations maimed !

Though Chance unhappy is too often blamed
each makes his bed, together those once famed
for vice or virtue now forgotten lie
beneath the grass where once they, heedless, gamed.

And we, that now make merry in the room
they left, and summer dresses in new bloom,
ourselves must we beneath the couch of earth
descend - ourselves to make a couch - for whom ?

The worldly hope most set their hearts upon
turns ashes - or it prospers; and anon,
like snow upon the desert's dusty face,
lighting a little hour or two - is gone.

We are no other than a moving row
of magic shadow-shapes that come and go
round with the sun-illumined lantern held
in midnight by the Master of the Show.

But helpless pieces of the game Chance plays
upon our chequer-board of nights and days;
hither and thither moves, and checks, and slays,
and one by one back in the closet lays.

Left brain warp, weft, weaves patchwork into goal
Right links the jump, or jumps the link to bowl
Conformity tempts patterns into play
may come a dime a dozen, colour soul.

For Right, night brings rich dreams which ring a bell.
For Left, fresh angles mind must master well.
For Right or Left it matters not a jot
if happiness can't be 'obtained as well.

Both high I.Q. and gift of second sight
fail in the scales however smart or bright,
if peace of mind, serenity, few find
to burnish daily bind with inner light.

Yet inner light is what Life's all about -
who cares a curse for economic clout -
as wallets fail but heart which true to self
remains, for cash cares not, can conquer doubt.

Left brain or Right? The one reaps what is sown
remains tenacious, sometimes claims his own
what Right initiates when times are lean -
one schemes, replaces themes the other's grown.

Left brain or Right? The one retains control,
the latter's best exploring jeux de rôle,
one works his team's ideas, the other teems
with flashes filling ignorant black hole.
Thus drowning Left attempts to clutch at straws.
faith fiercely fights against Cyberus' maws,
Right seeks right way to spring above the beast,
protecting offspring cares no fig for laws.

Left brain or Right? One works to build the whole
from parts pre-numbered or explicit goal,
the other flouts conformity to find
a missing link - and, often, begging bowl.

Fiction or fact? Both in their way attract, -
Left codifies, can plan, expand, extract,
Right spans apparent contradictions, may
through alchemy leach essence pure, intact.

Left brain or Right? Each plays a different pitch
One seeks in process practice best, straight stitch,
the other joys in spontaneity
responds to setbacks with a humour rich.

Left brain or Right? One seeks to ‘know it all'
the other patterns ‘search' itself, whose call
can come from outside past experience -
whence Left draws force for details great and small.

Right feels: the Idols I have loved so long
have done my credit in this world much wrong:
have drowned my glory in a shallow cup,
And sold my reputation for a song.

Indeed, indeed, repentance oft before
I swore - but was I sober when I swore?
And then, and then came Spring, and rose in hand
my threadbare penitence to pieces tore.

Right senses details will themselves in time
from chaos sort themselves, to form a rhyme
which music makes - cacophony may tame, -
Left to fresh heights will ever seek to climb.

Left inches onwards, picks up pace, reaps gains,
Right rants, nets slight delight in fretful pains,
on tangents travels till the paradox
should solve itself - though paradox remains !

Left seeks through flair and application to
compare, tear up, wear down, and try anew,
Exploring intuitions, Right defies
forgone conconclusions, greets green pastures new.

For Left might might be right from strong position,
or wrong when Left is left in opposition,
preconception Right feels most unwise -
seems state of mind. Left counters superstition,
slams compromise he cannot supervise
if circumstances change, luck turns, surprise
contradicts conditions neatly planned -
however challenged Right brains improvise.

But what is new? What might we rediscover
which none before could, vigilant, uncover ?
What old is there where worlds in parallel
Time's carefree sands join hands to carefully cover ?

There is a Door to which Right finds no Key;
There is a Veil through which Left might not see:
each needs the other in Life's partnership
to sail towards pure serendipity.

While Left excels at logical attack.
Right scouts beyond Life's boring beaten track,
both need autonomy for reasons they
within the tavern door poor brains do wrack.

A Hair perhaps divides the False and True;
Yes; and a single Alif were the clue;
where Left sorts, grades the angels on a pin
there Right sports, plays about their angles too!

A hair divides stark failure from success,
straightjacket from a jacket straight, address
Belgravian from grave where all lies rotten,
forgotten f[l]ame interred in the process.

Some here there are who daily fly a kite,
who gaily persevere despite those tight
vested interests, opposition to
approaches new, disruptive, which just might
upset their applecarts, who find delight
in time-worn stale traditions, empty [w]rite,
reciting litanies to tease not ease
those who would share their gifts, not parasite!

The challenges we all embrace today, -
together Left and Right may futures sway -
from Climate Change, sea levels rising fast,
to plastic coated food chains which repay
spendthrift Left accused of making hay
for short-term gains while youth, obese, turns grey.

yet now its time for rhyme to help poor male
to understand why women lead the way

Man thinks ‘I AM because I, man, do rule'
while woman, jewel, pools sharing tools - one school
is based on networks while the other would
lose wood for trees, sees not that he's Time's fool ! .

Left brain or Right? man, maid, - what difference !
He seeks control, oft at his mate's expense,
While she for wimp, observes capricious whim,
won't rock the boat except in self-defence.

While he will speak for everything to know,
she'll seek still more, lets life ring true, fill, grow.
One is Left brain, the other Right - yet why
is one left right behind, though more may s[h]ow ?

She minds her peace, he gives her piece of mind.
Unkind he stays, strays often, - should she mind ?
She's paradise, he's dice parade between
the knots he ties [w]hitch she must then unwind.

She works her shift, he shifts his work to her.
He, shiftless, shifty, silky shifts will spur!
He preys on her where she for him would pray, -
Her pay he'd tax where she'd life lax prefer!

She cares for kids, where he kids, cares to rest
before some sport - while she supports the rest,
works both from nine to five and five to nine.
He sports bright ties - light ties prefers the best!

She looks ahead while he, as head, looks on
good looks - which in her book's insulting, wrong,
regretting grass seems greener through the fence -
defence of dreams is compromised. Sad song.

He boosts boasts, mutters, mostly bids to rule
She roosts, roasts, butters toast, sees kids through school,
fraught partnership between pursuit, pursued:
equality? manipulative tool,
too often used, abused, ignored, or, worse,
ghost litany lust preys on to rehearse
next rupture's reasons, itch which seven years
too seldom lasts unless she holds the purse.

Soft soap in jest amuses Right who plays
along as long as true enjoyment stays.
This less impresses Left unless he takes
as gospel praise which later heavy weighs.

So too seems humour: Left is often coarse,
steers right on point, nose out of joint of course,
Right, far more subtle, veers to third degree,
Left, when found left behind, up-fronts remorse.

Imagination set alight, Right shares
excitement, outer glow shows inner cares
for all and sundry Left tends to contain
emotions lest they overflowi, veil tears
to vulnerability that rarely wears
well over time, a crime that no-one spares.
Contrasting concepts contribute to gain
insight into Right feeling, Left brain flair.

He wields the axe, while she bears forty whacks,
He thinks he wears the trousers though he slacks,
He waxes wroth he ‘needs', she kneads the wax
fills cracks, unshackles, builds long lasting shacks.

He spares to live, she ever lives to share.
He won't forgive, she blossoms everywhere
needs harmony not tomb to bloom, bear fruit, -
He spi[t]es for way-fare, she, sprite, lights way fair!

He fields the work, while she must work the fields.
She feels the pinch, while he both pinches, feels.
She earns her keep while he her earnings keeps,
She yields the count, while he, he counts the yields!

He'd lay the rules and rule the lays. Some say
unbalanced are the scales! On Judgment Day -
when souls are weighed he's wanting found withal -
while she's a paragon, he's gone astray!

She swears to honour, cherish and obey,
while he of harem dreams, as Pasha, Bey,
what price his plot of earth if one fine day
parthenogenesis may come to stay ?

If SHE could auto-reproduce or clone,
If SHE the race continued all alone,
what trace would HE retain who, vain, sees end
as master, losing face, top bubble blown.

See he, who least believes, themes phallus proone,
banshee, who most receives, screams callous tone.
Should Mona Lisa sentence sharp suspend,
sparing the rib that cuts her to the bone?

For Woman is the source, the stream, the flow,
SHE bends where HE may break when strong winds blow,
HE who would rule the cradle seldom takes
sufficient time to nurture Nature, know
that Left needs Right as friend as not as foe,
that Left needs Right to stagger stop and go,
that Left needs Right though Right's rights stimulate
the fear that Right, bereft of Left, might show
the way to new adventures truly told
to cut the ground beneath clay feet so cold,
and open options that may stake a claim
to true convergence, leaving Left short-sold.

Although Left Man will seldom silent fold
his tents for his intents tie li[n]es of gold,
Right Lady seeks to light another flame
Whose spirit need not fail, nor yet grow old.

While HE invents, turns cents to sovereign mold,
SHE innovates, and networks to enfold,
HE's rolled into himself, seeks rich reward
where SHE, life's steward, saves wide world from mould.

Towards tomorrow SHE her face will turn,
though HE stays still, will, glancing back, return
to glories past while she fast understands
to nurture Present seed not Future burn.

Man's swift to shatter idols once adored,
hard head discards what generations stored
in search of stimulation to fulfil
a mind found wanting, or, through wanting, bored.
Man's mate's attuned to very different chord,
will read the runes, anticipate and ford
the flood he takes as threat, - for good or ill
will turn the tide and ride for peace restored.

Though some there are who through true flair clue, float,
and there are some who multicoloured coat
may don, few sculpt fresh arches from the sky,
for rainbow hue may rock, shock logic's boat.

More than before see innovation's speed
increase to meet anticipated need
which interacts in turn as catalyst
to undermine traditions bead by bead.

Where men, grey, race, would not lose face, concede,
there maids may trace, would choose with grace, as reed
to slender bend, true to the end, un-kissed
by compromise - a bitter prize indeed !

When tipping point is finally attained,
with Life's entangled web in part explained,
horizons which seemed clear then reappear
when near Pandora's ‘parabox' maintained.

Invention votes development sustained
where Innovation, rich, notes bent un-reined -
must then in tandem act, trust persevered,
momentum for the common good regained.

Both strong and weak too long have entertained
a system all admit is overstrained,
if insight fails, if facts miscalculate,
it will be far too late as Fate, unchained,
accelerates beyond our wherewithal
to check, to bargain gaining time, to stall, -
if innovation cannot motivate
invention to wide view beyond recall
little may stay of all today held dear.
In social earthquake much may disappear,
the writing on the wall puts second-rate
complacency aside, gulf gaps can't cheer.

For those who vote, those voted in to steer-
the latter to the former lend an ear
when elections near polls forge give-[s]take, -
stay in the dark to doom impending, near

For soon am I tsunami, shall appear
forewarning pale of failings! Loud and clear
environment around the globe may shake
despite spite's politicians insincere
who little heed Earth's thunder till the chips
are down, ground wakes beneath their feet and rips
apart ambitions which won't come to grips
with Nature's patience, climate fulcrum tips.

Pandemics follow universal trade,
firestorms flourish, Greenland carbon laid,
tornadoes twirl, winds whirl, increasing speed
dismantles greed, solutions ready-made
are few and far between while lava flows
increase, won't cease while out of kilter blows
the wind of change cold-shouldering man's plans
while termites feast on human cellulose.

Today Man's blind rapacity rewards
those who beat ploughshares into cheating swords, -
perhaps Tomorrow's perspicacity
will crust not bust entrust with wise awards.

Man moons explores, redraws the map of space,
finds flaws in much before his hand would trace,
perhaps time-out, return to drawing board,
might ready scene for a more steady pace
where symbiosis, Right and Left help face
a future free from fear of fall from grace,
where Woman is by Man nor spurned, ignored
as if HE could HER talents e'er replace !

"Come, fill the Cup, and" let Inventions swing
towards broad visions Innovations sing,
"the Bird of Time has but a little way
to flutter - and the Bird is on the Wing ! "

To Left, for scope, some, conscientious, turn,
to Right, for hope, adventurers return -
we trust these verses unrehearsed may please,
may set minds' sails on seas free-will will learn.

Some dream their acts, some act their dreams, and here
The reader sees both weakness, strengths, appear
to complement each other - we may work
to integrate all aspects, coded clear.

Enhanced, entranced, entrapped? The coming years
may mete set scene for keen and neat ideas
so each uncovers reach to harmony
to catalyze momentum free from fears.

To 'innovention' - phrase coined - we inscribe
our praise, our prose to those of female tribe
whose Right brain thinking, lateral nuance,
enrich cold logic to which men subscribe.

One could continue till the cows come home
comparing innovation's coloured foam
to hard-track records which inventions please -
enough! no more! depart ! elsewhere to roam!

Lets "leave the wise to wrangle, and with me
the quarrel of the Universe let be:
and, in some corner of the hubbub couched,
make game of that which makes as much of thee."

"Perplext no more with Human or Divine,
to-morrow's tangle to the winds resign, "
why care if Left or Right take precedence
can common sense true harmony decline !

"Myself when young did eagerly frequent
Doctor and Saint and heard great argument
About INVENT and INNOVATION though
Most "came out by same door as in they went."

"Why, all the Saints and Sages who discussed"
of Female, Male so learnedly, "are thrust
like foolish prophets forth; their words to scorn
are scattered left and right, mouths stopped with dust ! "

"Oh, come from old Khayyam, and leave the wise
to talk; one thing is certain, that Life flies;
one thing is certain, and the rest is Lies;
the flower that once has blown for ever dies."

So go from old Khayyam, and leave the Lot
of Innovation and Invent forgot!
"A flask of wine, a book of verse - and thou
with bread beneath the bough" would please thee not?

Ah friend, "could you and I with Him conspire
To grasp this sorry scheme of things entire,
Would not we shatter it to bits -
and then remould it nearer to the heart's desire! "

So if you hold to Left, or Right enfold,
avoid temptation's trap, blown hot and cold,
to self stay true, yet toleration show, -
ends, means confused steamrolls soul un-consoled.

Though Left and Right in opposition seem,
Like Yin and Yang they're complements, a team
to win the Way which choice may add to voice,
although wicks burn, the turn can pick up steam

To churn ideas discerning chalk from cheese
Avoiding quarrels, splitting hairs or peas, -
No pins, no angels, heads, tails flipped askance -
Play chance degrees, not chance prey by decrees.

As we create conditions for [ex]change
of paradigm, what once seemed out of range, -
or out of court was thought - by signals strong
is caught to show ways we may rearrange
hypnotizing patterns weird and strange
into a code that chaos can exchange,
or comprehension where no "right" or "wrong"
may man from man or woman more estrange.

Thus through the watershed of Chance or plan
all may advance and man prove true to man,
to ban judgmental values from the game
and tame dark forces! From the frying pan
not into fire to jump, or conflicts fan,
but open source new options which then can
prepare with care progression where the flame
of change is channelled, comfort in the van.

Each incarnation, like an iceberg tip,
is evanescent phase of onward trip, -
evaporation cycle spin obeys
as witness to time's superficial slip
from post to post through ghost or phantom grip,
from concrete feet which greet their fated ship
more with mistrust, nonplussed, haze blacks and greys,
than rainbow flow or superficial skip
across some time-zone karmic interlude
between fast, food, aims met or goals miscued,
calm, feud, - high, low imagined - as each act
shifts scene from fact through further factpursued.

Pursuit involves intention to invention
embracing even active intervention
from preconception, stated point of view
whose motto seems too obvious to mention
when "principles" misgivings, apprehension,
may mask or compensate, hold in suspension,
whose motto is "I am, as I pursue"
self-justifying, trying, eases tension.

Right brain through empathy and intuition
evolves paths interactive, seeks fruition
encouraging response and not reaction,
avoiding Left brained parrot style tuition.

Left brain must train fine grained administration,
while Right will highlight sleight, anticipation,
too much of either - trains can't run on time,
or entertain a just emancipation
A dose of each - with neither on probation -
enables evolution, approbation
through moderation seeks a just solution,
avoids extremes of prison, revolution.

"Alike for those who for TO-DAY prepare,
and those that after a TO-MORROW stare,
a muezzin from the tower of darkness cries:
‘Fools! your reward is neither here nor there ! '

Ah, make the most of what you yet may spend,
before you too into the dust descend;
dust into dust, and under dust, to lie,
sans wine, sans song, sans s[w]inger and - sans end ! "

Two fifty quatrains, held up to the light,
may prove instructive, with less bark than bite,
not foundered foundlings, facts found sound in sense,
insight packed tight, intense, not sot, rot trite.

May this excursion offer up some keys
beyond its verse-abil-I-tease to seize
true opportunity to open doors awhile
ferret fresh focus open to degrees.

May this diversion stimulate and please,
yet reap and garner grain nor chaff nor tease,
lend substance more than superficial style
still laughing at our own absurd…ditties.

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