Rubbish In Rhyme Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

Rubbish In Rhyme

I love you with all my heart, old friend
You may be faraway from my own world
But I can never relish those whom I see today,
What is it that I feel
About just your wavy hair
About your smiling eyes & curvy nose
Your delicate feet & dainty brow
Those rosy lips & lusty skin
Which blush with the colour of my private dreams
With the scent that you spread then
Crossing the barriers of time & space
To the eternity that you are today,
As clouds of passion, in the sky of just my memories;

Every time I touched you
I felt infinite pain in my heart
To have brushed over you
With my rough & tough palm,
What is this barrier
Which bridges 2 gods, in 1 world
Let them marry and become one
Before our nuptial bliss,
What to love is this curse of our religion
Let me worship that god
Through your sacred eye
For it all stands against my 1 eyed love,
Yet the biggest curse is that
You can never love me;

Do not ask me to love another
Who is better than you, my friend
Can a son love Mother Teresa
When his own mom is alive,
Can I love the lines of the great gurudev*
When the poet in me cannot die,
What to you is the fire in my words
It perishes before the shower of your logic,

What to you is the emotion of this poet in me
I have but blind eyes of hope
Which stares at impossible love,
What do I gain from your love in another life
We both will never be the same again
And all that the world will read
Is some rubbish in rhyme.

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