6th Sense Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

6th Sense

Rating: 4.5

Day by day I keep seeing in the same radiant features
Flicker of evergreen love,
In the same divine image
Colour of celestial lust,
In the same form
My love from many lives;

Day by day I keep hearing through the same bangles
Tremor of selfless love,
Through the same jingling anklets
Rhythm of divine notes,
Through the same voice
My love song from many lives;

Day by day I keep smelling from the same wild flower
Perfume of unyielding love,
From the same sandalwood sculpture
Scent of celestial dreams,
From the same presence
Fragrance of reborn love;

Day by day I keep tasting from the same potion
Abundance of extravagant love,
From the same earthen vessel
Flavour of divine nectar,
From the same cup
The intoxicating wine of love;

Day by day I keep feeling through the same delicate touch
Quiver of selfish love,
Through the same fated bereavement
Emotion of a heavenly tryst,
Through the same thorny rose
Pain of eternal love;

Day by day I keep sensing through the same presence
Aura of mysterious love,
Through the same eternal pledge
Depth of spiritual bliss,
Through the same love
The delicacy of ephemeral life.

Chanda Mwenechanya 19 April 2011

6th sense..... You nailed it, love's and life's pragmatic entity in day running after day, without care for the selfless love and its eternal sweet pain.

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Deepa Sahu 24 April 2011

aapki poetry bahut achihai abhay ji. mujhe samajhna aur isme khojan aatahai lekin likhna nai aatha. mujhe tho bahut tamanna hai likhneka. simple oaur bhavgarbhth aapki poetry likhte jayiye. best of luck.

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Rekha Mandagere 08 October 2013

It is a great feeling to read such thought poems in this loveless world. Sixth sense is durely love: -)

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Cathie Tufnail 28 December 2011

Lovely, a really golden piece. Thanks!

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Fabiyas M V 14 July 2011

This is quite exceptional piece, Abhay.I enjoyed it.Good Night! Fabiyas

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Hribhu Dey 29 June 2011

wow Dear! loved the piece...it has a natural flow.

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Romeo Della Valle 01 May 2011

Bravo! What an excellent and well crafted write! Very deep and thought provoking poem! I love it! 10+++ Keep it up, my friend, you got what it takes to inspire the whole world, talent! Thanks for sharing, Love and Peace for always! ...

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