A Poets Love Letter Poem by Abhay Vignesh Liginlal

A Poets Love Letter

Rating: 4.8

My love for you is a boundless ocean
But the world can only see drops of it,

My feelings about you flow incessantly
But the world can only know notions,

My thoughts about you are pure like nectar
But the world can only taste drops,

My hope is like the constant sea
But the world can know only a separate shore,

My dreams are all vastly coloured
But the world can only see seven colours,

My mind is flooded with memories about you
But the world can read only my poems,

My poems are strewn with endless emotions
But the world can read only a few lines,

My days have become eternal with your brief presence
Though the world will call it seconds.

~*Nezra*~ Farrell 12 August 2009

'The world can only see seven colors' I love it hun!

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Ted M 13 August 2009

when in love, you view things differently. Very nice romantic lines......10

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Naida Nepascua Supnet 09 November 2010

amazing, how could not a lady fall for this kind of love letter? ? ? ////it is very sincere.

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Jenny Gordon 14 January 2011

Very sweet love letter in romantic couplets!

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Annabel Cruz 22 February 2011

nice imagery...l like the irony of a 'boundless ocean' and the 'drops' that are perceived. Nice. AC PS....couldn't find the poem you invited me to read...'Bleeding Heart on a Looking Glass'? ? ?

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C.R. Clark 18 July 2011

This poem is very expressive. The world rarely understands the depth of feeling in the heart of the poet. Once in awhile when that connection is made, it is indeed special. An excellent write. Thanks Richard

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Yeo Qian Yi 08 March 2011

Very romantic. Beautiful

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Andres Perdomo 07 March 2011

I like this poem so much. beautiful! Keep writing

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Romeo Della Valle 06 March 2011

A very beautiful and heart touching poem. Also, well penned and full of emotions! Love it! Keep it up! 10+++Love and Peace...

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Dave Dafes 05 March 2011

Wow! Beautiful expression of emotions that the world can never fathom... Well written.

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