.sad Girl Poem by YURI DURAAN

.sad Girl

Rating: 2.6

She waits on the steps of his building,
sitting daintily, so not to crease her dress
checking and rechecking her appearance
in a silver-plated compact mirror
(a present from him, bought on one of many trips)

She avoids eye contact with passers-by
not wanting them to think that she's 'that sort of woman'

'I'll be down in a minute' he said to her - some time ago

She looks up at his window seven stories up where the light
is still blazing.... a beacon against the sky,
now dark,
the sky casting a shadow over her eager hopes and
naive disposition

Finally, she takes her leave,
uncertain, with little steps
looking up,
then looking down....
still avoiding eye-contact with passers-by
feeling exactly like 'that sort of woman'.

Eoshoros 12 April 2008

Beautiful writing...

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Mignon Bryant 19 August 2008

Very nice. I feel for that sad girl.: ( Good job!

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Coach Roth 09 June 2008

Second by second, moment by moment, you describe your scene and it rings the truth for both men and women who have found themselves in a compromising position brought on by love...Coach

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 12 May 2008

Hello friend Yuri. It was proably better that they didn't get together. A sad, interesting poem. Well done. L C Taylor

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Gerhard Knight 21 April 2008

Good creation of expectation, but it leaves you with a sense of wondering of how it ended - lovely piece.

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At the start we've 'her appearance in [..] a mirror': about the identity again. Then at two points it appears this 'avoiding eye-contact with passers-by' 'on the steps of his building': about to be looked up. Good poem, good narrative.

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