.today Is Not A Day For Poetry Poem by YURI DURAAN

.today Is Not A Day For Poetry

Rating: 2.8

Today is not a day for poetry...
it is a day for sketching -

I shall take a blank page and
draw some lines...
fluent lines, like the lines
next to your eyes

I shall draw the rain against
the window that reflects on
your cheeks... making you a
spotted eagle

I shall draw the shadows cast
upon your face, of the branches
being shaken by the wind... making
you a fierce lion

In the middle I shall put my mouth,
making a wet imprint where your
mouth would be... as things between
you and I should be

then I shall draw my heart,
to cover your face,
your eyes,
your mouth,
your spots
and your fierceness,

the lines flowing all over you,
and over this page
which is no longer
empty but full of the story of
and me.

Broken Peaces 20 April 2008

A cool calm read very feeling if you sketch as well as you write you are a true artist by the way lucky recipient 10 Chris

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Lee Sharon 08 June 2008

I like poems that's about drawing nice

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Ivor Hogg 09 June 2008

An artist with brush or quill paints the same picture just slighly differently My favourite medium is coloured pencils after my pen

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Wendy Bureau 18 June 2008

Oh what a creative piece.. very unique.. For art is art.. and you have wrote this painting well.. Much enjoyed!

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Bob Blackwell 08 October 2009

You draw vivid pictures with your words, your love of phrase and word comes through. Pictures in the mind are easy for you to draw.

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John Kay 03 April 2009

Yuri-This too concludes with a bang. I love the line, 'the lines flowing all over you.' Take care, John

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Ashraful Musaddeq 21 September 2008

'then I shall draw my heart, to cover your face, your eyes, your mouth, your spots and your fierceness, ' A nice poem with a nice form. Content is also nice. So 10+

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Jessica Frame 18 July 2008

very good poem.. its out of the ordinary, the kind i like... full of imagination

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Sathyanarayana M V S 02 July 2008

Wow, what an imagination. I like this piece.....great! ! ! ! !

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