Salmon Ella Poem by rachael richmond

Salmon Ella

Rating: 5.0

salmon ella was a beauty
with fins so fine and graceful,
a swishy tail to die for
and her scales were really tasteful.

ray spotted her at sunrise
among the weeds and coral.
he thought she looked a princess
and who, with this, could quarrel?

but salmon ella scorned him,
'you're flat, such an odd piece.'
and there was ray thinking
he looked great in his codpiece!

but time went by and things got hot
and she slowly grew to love him.
he placed her on a pedestal
and put this queen above him.

they often went to his plaice
for some nocturnal fishing.
no longer was he floundering,
for true love, no more wishing.

ray asked our salmon ella
to be his life long fishwife.
the reverend mr sturgeon performed
the joining of the fish lifes.

then off they swam together
fin in fin, their happiness glutted.
love is blind, they didn't see
the nets. and now they're gutted.

Bonnie Lundgren 20 November 2012

Very cute. I can't do puns, but you seem to have pulled it off with decent style

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Richard John Wathen 25 May 2007

Rachael I think this poem is very funny you are on a par with Dennis lee and his Bloody Bill. Keep up the good work. John

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David Harris 13 March 2007

Rachael, your wit really showed on this piece. A fine tuned bit of writing that netted me in. I loved the fast flow and refused to swim up stream. Big 10 and thanks for sharing it. David

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Andie D 27 February 2007

rachael, such clever wit... :) x

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Not a member No 4 18 February 2007

Rachael, you're a dab hand at the poetising This was fillet with choice rhymes. You don't skate over the essentials either. My fate was sealed when you gilled me with the nocturnal fishing - as I'm not in the halibut of angling under the moon. All in all a very tasty piece of whiting. (Well - you used all the good ones! !) xx jim

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