Forget I Ever Existed Poem by rachael richmond

Forget I Ever Existed

Rating: 4.5

i'm sitting here looking at it, lying there
like an elongated hedgehog too afraid to move.
i should pick it up and drag it through my dirty, tangled hair
but what does that prove?

i want to stay here, statue-like and solid,
made of concrete, my soft inner parts protected by a shell
or burn away into nothingness, like a soul vaporising in hell.

nothing outside my skin is safe,
the very air around me is tainted and foul,
evil beings lurk in every dusty corner of the room
and wait for the cover of darkness, to prowl.

i want to be not here, not there, not anywhere.
my very soul is now destroyed beyond repair.
leave me to rot till the flesh falls from my bones
and leaves them bare.

i am no longer me but a fragmented shadow of my former self.
burn me, take my stinking ashes and store them on a shelf.

then forget i ever existed.

Kelly Hanson 09 January 2007

nicely done rachael.... i have so often felt the same way! excellent images, meter and rhyme - technically a +10. thanks for sharing

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Wesley Parker 02 February 2007

Great poem your words paint a picture to where I feel like I'm there with you keep up the great work

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David Harris 07 March 2007

Rachael, a very compelling read. I think it would be a bit impossible to for get you after reading this. Beautiful piece of writing. Thanks for sharing it. David

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Brian Dorn 19 February 2007

A melancholic gem, Rachael... very well done and impossible to 'forget'! Brian

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Red Blooded Black Hearted 11 February 2007

Hey Rachael! That was a beautiful, disturbing poem. Compelling and well written. Never stop writing. Smiles N Hugs Willow: -)

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Original Unknown Girl 03 February 2007

Mmm... interesting and disturbing at the same time! This sends a very clear message - almost like a warning! Very strong words Rachael. HG: -) xx

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jim hogg 02 February 2007

This is a disturbingly clear depiction of a very negative, self destructive emotional state. An incredibly convincing piece of writing. And if it isn't representative of an actual experience then it's also quite an imaginative feat into the bargain. Either way, it hits home. Alice, hugs, xx

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