Dear Death Poem by rachael richmond

Dear Death

Rating: 5.0

dear death,

you came knocking at my door
saying you were a friend
and wanting to take me to a place
for some time to spend
with me.
you said we would walk
through dark valleys, black dales,
see some people long gone
hear their old, sad tales
maybe visit some haunts
or take a jaunt
through a graveyard.

i thank you most kindly, dear death
but i'm not quite ready just now
to leave this pure brightness,
this lightness.

this flightless young bird
ain't ready to fly
on rotting black wings
into a moonlit sky
full of misery and sadness.

i still have my gladness
my joy and my lovings.
they bind me to life,
to energy, to rebirth,
i'm not ready for winging
to funeral singing.
i still have my mirth
and laughter bright.

so thank you, dear death,
you'll have to walk without me
for quite a long time.
don't wait up.

Aldo Kraas 15 February 2007

A very interesting poem

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Original Unknown Girl 15 February 2007

For such a depressing title this is quite an uplifting poem! No mean feat but pulled it off here Rachael.... well done. Impressive write. HG: -) xx

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Not a member No 4 18 February 2007

This is a very affirmative composition - partly because it takes the grim reaper on fair and square. But wisely, it's not antagonistic. He/she is not the kind of guy to fall out with I suppose. Very good poem with interesting and effective internal rhymes. Excellent work. xx jim

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Andie D 27 February 2007

beautiful worded rachael, how delicately you handle life... well done sweetie! andie d x

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Donall Dempsey 24 July 2007

Just say no! Tell him you haven't got the time or that you need more time(lots of it) to think about it. Tell're writing a poem...and you know how these things go... love Donall

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Sandra Fowler 22 July 2007

Passionate, original, and darkly beautiful. May you travel many more poetic miles. Take care. Warmest regards, Sandra

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David Harris 07 March 2007

Rachael, a very rich statement here. I loved the attitude of this poem. I'm glad you refused. Thanks for sharing this. David

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Duncan Wyllie 28 February 2007

Shine-on sweetheart shine-on, all the very best now and in the days to come Love duncan X

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Brian Dorn 28 February 2007

Great ending, Rachael... I love the attitude! Well done! ! Brian

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