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Samuel And Harold Discuss Ovid's Dictum

Rating: 3.1

S You look much the same, Harry
H You don’t look much different, Sam
S Though times change
H They don’t stay the same
S Or perhaps they seem to change
H Or seem to be different
S And we change too
H We’re not quite the same
S Though perhaps they only seem to change because we’ve changed
H Perhaps we’re different and they only seem to change

S On the other hand, perhaps times do change and we only seem to change
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Nalini Hebbar 20 July 2006

that was beautiful michael...i like the way the dialogue goes...dont we all do this...say the same thing in diff ways...things dont really change do they? ...we think it does...even if it does, it doesnt matter...its all in the mind...we look at things differently as we grow older...ten for this beauty...love...nalini

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Declan McHenry 20 July 2006

I always expect Ovid to get egg on his face! Sorry. However, a grand work Michael. As thought encouraging as ever.

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You remain brilliant and hilarious even if you can't find the quote! The dialogue... yep. Loving it, M. t x

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