Sarah, Lovely And Loving Poem by Daniel Brick

Sarah, Lovely And Loving

Rating: 4.9

Sarah, lovely and loving, offered
her hand, a simple hand, nothing
more. If her hand had held flowers,
or money, or food, I would smiling
have grasped it. Instead it was only
her white hand, pulsing with life.
Sarah took the moral high ground,
and left me sloshing in the swamp,
soon to realize the cost of love
to those, like her, who give and give
beyond the needs of the moment
toward some larger goal of kindness,
patience and fulfillment for all.
But she turns back and sees me floundering.
That pure hand is tarnished rescuing me

This sonnet was intended as an exercise in iambic meter but it became much more
Susan Williams 13 January 2021

First off, I went searching for you because I could not bear PH without your presence. So glad to see you are still here!

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Daniel Brick 13 January 2021

Susan I am blessed with your appreciation. It is so special and adds color, bright, shining, vivid color to my lifr.

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Susan Williams 13 January 2021

You said---This sonnet was intended as an exercise in iambic meter but it became much----you are so right. This is so elegant and insightful and so filled with your talent more

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Susan Williams 13 January 2021

This is discernment, my friend. A discernment many of us do not see nor feel. Dang, you're good. 5 star rating though that is a paltry rating for a poem of this magnitude. I favored it as well cuz I want to read this again and again to remind myself what a real poet is

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Glen Kappy 19 February 2021

Dang! I was not quite finished with my comment, Daniel, when I got a message it was already sent? ! Oy! Anyway, you remind me with this how much a hand's touch can do and mean. -Glen

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Glen Kappy 19 February 2021

a hand's touch can do! What thrilling sensation it can send up an arm and into our hearts and minds! -Glen

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Lyn Paul 14 January 2021

Amazing heartfelt words that hold the meaning of life.

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Daniel Brick 17 January 2021

Thank you Liz for your wonderful assesment of my sonnet. Sonnets by Shakespeare and

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me poet yeps poet 14 January 2021

niceeeeee poemy now do read if u please MOM'S SMILES

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Richard Wlodarski 14 January 2021

So much more...indeed! Daniel, I think that you've reached what you've been striving for!

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