Scheming On Love Poem by elena winters

Scheming On Love

Rating: 5.0

no more settlin for less
when i know that i can have the best
people always think i'm scheming
but how can you scheme on love
if anybody feel me then stand up
cause i've heard it all before and above
tell me how can you scheme on love

i applaud his performance
you actually played me like a fool
you made me fall in love with you
then mold my heart into a broken venue
you hear me crying no no no
if anybody feel me then stand up
because i've heard it all before and above
tell me how can you scheme on love

tell me how can you scheme on love
so i can try to scheme love on you
but what will i gain by that
it'll only make me as evil as you

Sans Serif 16 September 2009

*stands up* I hear you. This is a great poem about someone playing with your heart.10+

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Tobias Gray 16 September 2009

a very strong poem...well written!

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John Weber 18 September 2009

I appreciate the tumolt and passion on this work, Elena! There's such a wonderful thread running through this one with a hidden question left for the reader to ponder. I not only enjoyed this one, I'm grateful to you for reaching out to me to check it out. Wish I had more time to play in other people's playgrounds. Warm regards, John.

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Shekhar Joshi 17 September 2009

The last lines touched the most........good interesting work....really how can someone scheme on love........ liked it...........well written too....

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Erin Ford 16 September 2009

so so true boys always tripin an scheming about love.

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George Anastasia 16 September 2009

Beware of greeks baring gifts. Cover the heart LIGHTMAN George Garrett Anastasio

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Keith Hendrickson 16 September 2009

wow this is a great poem. i like your style of writing. i cant wait to read more.

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