Sea Fever Poem by John Masefield

Sea Fever

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Sara Fielder 19 January 2012

A must read for all sailors. This poem defines how we feel so perfectly. If you ARE a sailor please read Ode to Diana.

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Jeanne Miner 06 February 2010

This has a serious misquote. All stanzas begin, 'I must down to the seas again.' There's no 'go.'

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Jack Durham 07 December 2021

Listen to Masefield reciting it himself. He altered the text to include the word 'go.' As long as the three stanzas read the same, it makes no odds. Don't get hung up on it.

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John Howe 15 February 2010

It reminds me of my boyhood and I can smell the sea and hear the gulls when I read it

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Elisabeth Bowman 07 May 2010

This is my favourite EVER poem! ! :) It was my great-grandfather's favourite too. He taught it to my gran and her siblings when she was a kid, and when he died they had the line 'and a quiet sleep and a sweet dream' engraved on his headstone.

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Nigel Norton 11 February 2016

best read when standing at the harbour looking out to sea...

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Nishant Sharma 16 April 2015

This poem is so energetic. Gotta do something. Gotta do something.

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Sandra Feldman 19 January 2015

Blows up my emotional thermometer. I love this poem soooo much.

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Sandra Feldman 19 January 2015

My all time favorite Nautical. It has the smell and the sound of the Sea. All its attraction and Beauty!

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Roy Jillings 07 January 2015

I learned this and other poems whilst at Secondary School (1952-1956). This was one of the poems that our Eng. Lit. Teacher enjoyed reading to us, so we could get the meter of how to read poetry. The audio of this poem is PATHETIC, so just read it how you like it to be read.

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