Secret Place Poem by Captain Herbert Poetry

Secret Place

Having fun in a beach and resort
Going to different exotic place
Climbing high mountains for challenge
Riding in zip line to remove fear of heights
Jumping from up hills to push our own limits

Visiting landmarks and popular places
Trying kayaking in boats for experience
Going vacation to loving relatives in far places
Longing to many places out for curiosity

Entertaining our eyes to many events
Going to party, clubs, sports, and games for our pleasure
Bonding to unique and sweet place for our special people
Finding space for our yearning and passion

The mystery of Bermuda triangle and unknown Atlantis
The unknown Place seen in near-death
The secret abyss place on the deepest sea
The mystery of blissful outer place

The secret place is yet unrevealed
Our instincts and intuitions will find the secret place
Deeply close our eyes
Connecting our heart, our mind, and our spirit into One
Then say I LOVE YOU to the unknown

Secret place is our own secrets
Secret place of self awareness and lone realization
Secret place is your own Self within
SECRET PLACE is you alone and for you alone can discover

Roseann Shawiak 26 June 2015

This poem totally suits my fancy, I love traveling and you have made it sound so enticing, mysterious and inviting! Your imagery is superb. Yet self awareness and self realization are the secret places where we can always exist when we close our eyes and discover who we are! I love the comparison and wording of this poem, Herbert! Very good. Just watch how you use some of the simple words. Thank you for sharing, RoseAnn

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